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It is a place where people can easily access reliable information about health services and get the medication abortion need of the day. Women with reproductive health concerns, dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, often look to order abortion pills online to gain greater privacy, lower the expense (save on hospital admittance, invasive treatment cost, anesthesia, etc.), and more importantly afford a safe and successful solution to their undesirable pregnancy at the residence.

At Onlineabortionpillrx, females can get the at-home abortion pill online care right at their doorstep. We offer FDA-approved pills such as MTP Abortion Pill Kit, Cytolog, Mifeprex (Mifepristone), and Generic RU486. And then there are birth control medicines such as Ovral, Ovral L, Ovral G, and Plan B.

What is a Medical Abortion? How Do Abortion Pills Work?

Medical abortion also known as self-managed abortion a pregnancy termination method at an early stage of the first trimester. Two types of abortion pills – Mifepristone (Mifeprex and Generic RU486) and Misoprostol (Cytolog) are recognized by the FDA to end a pregnancy not older than 8 weeks (56 days of gestation). In some cases, the abortion pills may even work to evacuate the uterus of the pregnancy portions if used in pregnancy of up to 9 weeks or 63-days gestation.

Here is how the abortion pills online works:

  • Mifepristone: This is the primary medication in the abortion pill procedure. It is an anti-progesterone agent that blocks the pregnancy hormone - progesterone from letting the pregnancy advance. The medicine sheds the uterine lining, detaches the fetus from the endometrial lining, and disintegrates the embryo by restricting the supply of nutrition.
  • Misoprostol: This is the secondary pill in medication abortion. It is a prostaglandin E1 analog category medicine, widening the cervix to dispel the pregnancy portions from the womb. By causing uterine contractions, the pill expels all the pregnancy tissues and the embryo from the vagina in a matter of a day to two weeks. You can expect heavy vaginal bleeding, and discharge of large clots and tissues in the duration.
  • MTP Kit: Medical Termination Pack (MTP) Kit is a combination of one pill of Mifepristone 200 mg and 4 Misoprostol pills, each of 200mcg. You can buy MTP Kit online and get relief from an unplanned pregnancy at your own convenience.

What is the Required Dosage? How to Use MTP Kit Pills?

Here are the abortion pill dosage instructions:

  • Mifepristone is available in 200mg strength. And you have to take one pill orally with water on the first day.
  • Start with Misoprostol pills only after 24 to 48 hours pass after consuming the Mifepristone pills.
  • Misoprostol 800mcg (4 pills of 200mcg each) is taken buccally or vaginally. In buccal administration, you have to put 2 pills on either side of the cheek pouches and let the contents melt.
  • After half an hour, consume the melted Misoprostol components without water. Remember not to break or powder the medicines.
  • If you use Misoprostol vaginally, then you have to insert one pill after the other in the vagina and lay down for 30 minutes. The pills will melt naturally inside the vagina.

How Early Can You Get an Abortion Pill?

For effective reproductive healthcare results, you must know how soon you can start to use abortion pills:

  • The gestation period must be less than 9 weeks or 63 days. The best effects are attained by using the medication as early in pregnancy as possible.
  • You can take the pills as early as 3 to 4 weeks to 56 days of gestation and not more than 63 days of gestation.
  • Also, you must only buy abortion pills online for an intrauterine pregnancy. An extra-uterine pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy requires an invasive option for termination.
  • If you are pregnant over 49 days, then you may need to add 400mcg Misoprostol to the existing dose of 800mcg.

How Much Time Does It take for Abortion with Pills?

95% of pregnancy terminations with pills happen within a week. In other cases, it can take up to 2 weeks for the procedure to complete. If you are quite early in the pregnancy, the embryo and pregnancy tissues can also get removed from the uterus in a day or few.

What Are the Abortion Pill Effects?

Here is what the abortion experience is like:

  • In the beginning you may see brown and reddish discharge or clots before the vaginal bleeding begins. The bleeding is more than the menstrual period.
  • You can expect large clots like the lemon size as well. The expelled content will also contain pregnancy tissues, a part of the placenta, and an embryo.
  • You may encounter cramps. The cramping is primarily from the contractions in the uterus. Abdominal pain and body pain are common here.
  • Certain temporary side effects are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, tiredness, and weakness.
  • In rare cases, if an emergency occurs, then seek professional help immediately, and get someone to transport you to the nearest healthcare center.

What Precautions You Must Follow?

Here are the precautions to keep in mind before the abortion medication is delivered to you, during, and after the pregnancy-ending procedure:

  • Things to Do: Prepare for the procedure in advance. If you require support, call someone beforehand so that he/she can accompany you during the pregnancy termination. Keep contact information of the nearest clinic to visit at the time of an emergency. Stock up on large sanitary pads for the bleeding. You can also keep painkillers such as Diclofenac, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or Paracetamol for cramps and body pain.
  • Contraindications: Certain medical conditions may make it unsafe to take abortion pills. So, women who must not use the medication are those with heart/liver/kidney/adrenal gland disease, bleeding disorder, insulin problems, unremoved intra-uterine device, women over 35 years of age who smoke more than 10 cigarettes in a day, undiagnosed adnexal mass, allergy to abortion pills, ectopic pregnancy, inherited porphyria, sickle cell anemia, and long-term use of corticosteroid.
  • Interactions: Grapefruit juice, antispasmodic medications, erythromycin, ketoconazole, itraconazole, St. John’s Wort, CYP3A4 substrates, dexamethasone, carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital, and Rifampin.

What are the Aftercare and Recovery Tips if you Buy Abortion Pills Online?

After pregnancy termination, the way to recovery is simple and quick. Here are some of the tips to follow and facts to know:

  • You can resume sexual intercourse after 2 weeks from the successful completion of the procedure.
  • Stick to tasks that are physically less stressful. To manage emotions and feelings, you may speak to a counselor or people you consider trustable and close.
  • Menses may regularize in 2 months or less. But bleeding from abortion can continue for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • The bleeding will reduce over time and turn to a slight trickling or spot at the end.
  • Use only sanitary pads to contain the bleeding as the use of tampons, menstrual cups, or anything insertable may risk infection or injury to the cervix that could be already ripe from the process.
  • Similarly, it is advisable to avoid intercourse till the bleeding stops. However, if sexually active, start with birth control within 3 to 9 days of the abortion.
  • During the procedure you must not intake alcohol or intoxicating substances, follow the same for the next few days after ending the pregnancy.

Where to Buy Abortion Pills?

You can access abortion pills from our online pharmacy with privacy and get them delivered to your home address. We are leading online pharmacy evaluated in the reputed organization named Plan C. We provide medical support to women with quality and economical non-invasive treatment for intra-uterine pregnancies (gestation age up to 56 days). Women over 18 years of age can purchase the medicines on prescription from our outlet at pocket-friendly abortion pill cost. Here are some of the benefits to look forward to on our website:

  • Pregnancy termination pills in the comfort and privacy of your home
  • An accurate pregnancy calculator to know if you are eligible for medication abortion
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