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A regular and most fetching way to prevent pregnancy- consider taking Ovral L tablets. The product is used as an oral hormonal birth control, and is different than condoms (applied contraceptive not oral) and other vaginal ring protection against pregnancy. The medicine pack contains a set of active pills with main ingredients Ethinylestradiol 30 µg or 0.03 mg, and of Levonorgestrel 150 µg or 0.15 mg, together helping prohibition of pregnancy. The kit may consist of insert tablets as well. If taken rightly, the tablets can keep you off getting pregnant, even after you have had intercourse. However, missing a dose is not advisable, and for best result, do follow the product indications.

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Ovral L - 0.15mg/0.03mg
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It is recommended to take Ovral L if you want easiest and oral method of birth control. The efficacy of this contraceptive depends on your menses and how appropriately you take them. The medication prevents the ovulation cycle by not letting ovaries release eggs.

  • In response, the hormonal activity generated thickens cervix to deter sperms conversing with eggs. The process of implantation is broken down with alteration of uterine endometrial lining, which is supposed to hold the embryo.
  • At the end of course, you will begin with bleeding (withdrawal draining of blood, which could be termed as induction of menses). Thus, pregnancy is not possible when Ovral L is taken.
  • However, this medicine is not like abortion pill. It only helps stop pregnancy from taking place, but has no role in terminating one.


Ovral L is administered with water, orally. You can choose from 21 or 28 day format.

  1. 21-Days Course: Take an active (white) tablet at same time everyday till 21 days. Then next 7 days, do not administer any hormonal birth control pills. Take a new pack from 29th day.
  2. 28-Days Course: Use an active (white) pill orally everyday at the same time for 21 days. Switch to an inert (yellow) pill each day for a week. Start a new kit of contraceptives from the 29th day.

Side Effects

There are no impacting effects that Ovral L has on health. But, you can expect lighter or heavier periods, headache, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, mild spotting, shift in menses date etc. For any reported change in moods, weights etc. consult a doctor.


  • Do not take Ovral L if allergic to this product, have high blood pressure, heart complications, neurological disorders etc.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol should be prohibited.
  • Women with suspected pregnancy or pregnant, with bleeding and uterine disorders must not use this medication.

Missed Dose

  • If less than 12 hours delay in consuming the medicine, take it soon as you remember, and use the next pill at usual timing. The pregnancy is still prohibited.
  • If late by more than 12 hours, consume last tablet when you remember, and utilize the next one again at normal time, meaning taking two medicines in one day. Protection against pregnancy may be lesser, so use non-hormonal contraception (condoms) for a week.
  • If 12 hours or more delay, with 2 missed doses, consume last tablet when remembered, and the next one at usual time, which is same like administering two pills in a day.
  • In immediate above mentioned event, ingest the next two pills the very same day but continue then with a pill each day. Utilize non-hormonal birth control for next 7 days.
  • If you miss taking inert tablet, no need to consume the missed pill. It can be discarded, and there will be no risk of becoming pregnant.

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