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I ordered Misoprostol abortion pills from this website last week. I am still in process of using the medicines, but I am getting the right symptoms of abortion. Guess the medicines are working and good. I was able to rely on the pharmacy because they asked for prescription and had no hidden charges.
- 31 Aug 2017    Maria Pollard, Kansas City
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- 31 Aug 2017    Usop Tilog
What an experience with abortion pills (MTP Kit), one that was easy to obtain online at this website in most convenient time. It was real speedy shipping. The unrestricted shopping made me feel more confident about my decision.
- 06 Sep 2017    Jenna Zack
I ordered MTP Kit from this website on overnight 2 day shipping. They had Credit card facility, which worked for me. And voila! The drugs arrived on time, I was so happy that all was going as expected. A week down the line I passed a lot of blood clots and then bleeding reduced. The time I went for pregnancy test- it showed negative! Thank you guys, excellent abortion pills.
- 07 Sep 2017    Allie Metaxas Barker
The pills do work. I felt normal labor like symptoms. I had miscarried before, so it was not a shock that I had to induce abortion this time, plus the symptoms were not a stranger. Worth the money, better than MTP Kit, as it have other medicines for side effects. I would recommend to other customers. It is completely reassuring and safe.
- 07 Sep 2017    Lisamarie Hayes
Awesome work! I can’t actually believe that Cytolog worked. The whole abortion process was smooth and easy, all thanks to this website for having a user-friendly interface and quick steps to order checkout, otherwise I would have preferred purchasing from some other website.
- 07 Sep 2017    Dannie
The pills arrived at 2pm two weeks back on Wednesday. I had Mifepristone the same day, but honestly did not feel a thing, though I began to get nauseous later but could not be sure it was abortion or pregnancy symptom. Anyways the real experience began after Misoprostol, and I started cramping and bleeding. Thank God I had spoken to customer care about what could I expect, and they has explained me everything in detail, and now the symptoms did not come as a surprise. All I can say is, this website is legit, they will answer you even if you ask hundreds of question and yes, try the expedite shipping, this is super-fast delivery.
- 08 Sep 2017    Dahlia Dressler
Here is an update. Two nights ago I had Misoprostol pills via mouth. In an hour I had started discharging fairly large sized clots and normal-ish bleeding, but little heavy than my periods. I am still on the roll, nauseous now and then yet holding on. I have an appointment a week later with doctor for a pregnancy examination. Hope the abortion pills will work. I am positive about Misoprostol, nothing problematic to date.
- 08 Sep 2017    Nancy Jackel Sherman
Well, I was angry and crying as my husband left me at a time when I was 4 weeks pregnant. And I did not even have funds for my abortion. Normally, I would not buy generic RU486 online, but I had no choice. It’s a relief that this website was not a fraud. I got order confirmation within minutes of taking abortion pills. They mailed me a complete invoice with all shipping and product details, the bill amount etc. I found the website offering low-cost pills, which was what I needed then. They even helped me get the cheapest deal when I told my problem. I had the best treatment here, bravo!
- 08 Sep 2017    Janna Harmon
Thank you! I really mean it. I was so scared about abortion, but this website supported me through getting quality MTP Kit at home. I had informed them about address change, and they were quick to respond, with no delay in shipping! I had not expected such a swift response. I am glad I took a chance at the website; the medicines were all good and did terminate my month long pregnancy. Oh yes, it’s great to know the pharmacy, I even bought birth control pills from it now.
- 08 Sep 2017    Jordinn Nelson Long
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