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Cytolog is an approved medication used for terminating unwanted pregnancy in the early days of up to eight weeks. This medication is responsible for removing the pregnancy contents. It does not require any anesthesia or surgery. The ingredient of Cytolog is Misoprostol which is medically approved and is in use to terminate pregnancy for up to 8 weeks. This gives women a great amount of privacy and comfort in doing this process at home. Below is some information you should know before you buy Cytolog online.

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Mechanism of Cytolog Pills

Cytolog ripens and softens the cervix to dialect it. Cytolog increases contractions in the uterus. This causes the expulsion of the parts of the pregnancy from the woman’s womb.

  • In this process of expulsion of pregnancy contents with Cytolog pills women get heavier bleeding than their regular periods and moderate cramping/abdominal pain.
  • The fetus will be removed in a few hours or might take 14 days.
  • Discuss the use of painkillers with your doctor.

Required dosage

You need four Cytolog pills for the successful completion of the abortion process. All these pills are 200mg and you should have those in your cheek pouches 2x2 on both sides. Swallow the remaining undissolved contents after 30 minutes.

  • Cytolog is a secondary medication and is consumed after 24 to 48 hours of Mifeprex/ Mifepristone intake, it forms a necessary part of the process of expelling pregnancy contents from the womb.
  • There is another method of administering these pills which is the vaginal insertion method.

Note: For the gestational period of 1o weeks this abortion is allowed if you are counting the period from your last menstrual cycle. If you are counting it as in the official gestational period then abortion is allowed till 8 weeks.

Side Effects

Some of the common yet temporary symptoms of Cytolog, similar to miscarriage that you can experience are headache, tiredness, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fever, etc. Be calm, as these effects cut out after pregnancy termination.

What to know about Bleeding from Cytolog

The bleeding observed is more than periods, staying for a few hours or even days from consumption of the abortion pill. You can persist with light bleeding for a month. This is not a regular period, which takes another week to begin usually. If there is a serious infection or bleeding, then talk to your medical expert.

Other Uses

Oral Cytolog tablet is for pregnancy termination. But, many doctors may recommend taking buy cytolog abortion pills online for the treatment of duodenum ulcers, stomach ulcers, and hemorrhages after the baby’s delivery, cervical softening and induction of labor, ulcer in the abdomen from drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin.

Precautions to take prior abortion

If you are thinking of terminating the pregnancy, you should know the following steps you need to adhere to before you buy Cytolog.

  • Abortion pills can terminate a pregnancy under 8 weeks only. Smoking, drinking, interacting with drugs, and breastfeeding should be avoided.
  • You should not drive a vehicle, play sports, and heavy workouts should be avoided.
  • Do not buy Cytolog if you have an allergy to its contents, have faced complications related to the uterus, or have disorders with any of vital organs like heart, liver, kidney disease and adrenal failure, or any other critical health disorder.

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