Why Women Rather Get In-home Abortions than One in Clinic?

August 29, 2016 7:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Comparing calculated risks to complications during pregnancy termination, one done at a clinic has higher chance of giving emergency help and medical care than a procedure done at home. Yet, we find women who use abortion pill, and are satisfied with their decision. Yes, they may do so even if living close to a clinic or able to afford cost of hospital service. Then, why do females get pregnancy ended at home? As strange as the question may seem, there is a bigger picture at the back of the story. Pro-life movement has picked up since many years since the legalization of medicines and surgical method for ceasing pregnancy. Criminal Activities by Pro-Life Activists The activists station themselves outside and around clinic that offer services to end pregnancy. Often they swarm the patients who seek the procedure – with pro-life chants and misinform them with data that has no scientific validity. Moreover, some even chase any ambulance that reaches the hospital. In worse cases, it is not unknown that some doctors were assassinated, and these were the ones who were recognized to perform abortions. These activities has filled common mans’ mind with fear, the fear of being rallied against, questions,... View Article

Admitting Privileges by Abortion Providers- Is it worth?

August 19, 2016 5:43 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The Texas House Bill 2 is news to everybody. It poses requirement on abortion providers for meeting ambulatory surgical center type service and admitting privileges, and the clinics that do not meet the standards are liable to shut down. Opponents find these regulations unnecessary, especially when females can take abortion pills at home for the regimen, for which surgical care setting or facility is not needed. However, let us look at the other side of a coin, and consider a case study here. Why Emergency Care is Important? A person goes to local provider for purchasing pregnancy termination medications. The female had not been screened for her health, and uses the medicines as per dosage, yet suffers from complications such as sudden cardiac or breathing problem or too heavy a bleeding. As per records, medical method has complication rate of less than one percent and only two to five times in every hundred cases, the medicines may not remove the pregnancy parts completely. Now the person contacts the doctor or pharmacist she took the medicines from and asks for help. However, the provider has no idea how to assist her, but gives number of the nearest pregnancy care number. The... View Article