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Vitamins C Pregnancy Termination Are Not Effective, Heres What to Do Instead

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If you’ve wound up searching for approaches to handle an unwanted pregnancy, you’ve presumably gone over the vitamin C method. It calls for taking huge portions of nutrient C supplements for a few days straight to cause an abortion. It seems like a simple procedure, as this nutrient is promptly accessible in most supermarkets and drug stores. And you as of now get a lot of nutrient C from food sources, so what could the damage be? Regarding abortion home cures, nutrient C is most likely among the most secure alternatives. In any case, this is simply because it doesn’t do quite a bit of anything, and there’s no proof that it will cause an abortion. Pregnant ladies consistently take nutrient C with no antagonistic outcomes. Peruse on to study where this cure may have begun, the dangers related to it, and your alternatives for a protected and safe, viable abortion. It’s not guaranteed There is no believable scientific data proposing that vitamin C has any impact on pregnancy, implantation, or monthly cycle. The cases that it can cause an abortion perhaps started from a mistranslated Russian diary article from the 1960s. The article reported a handful of cases in... View Article

Home use of MTP: is it really safe and appreciated?

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MTP kit a product that helps women end their early unwanted pregnancy. If you have a prescription for taking pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol, you can buy MTP kit online or from the local stores. This blog explains how you can end the pregnancy at home using the MTP kit and its impact on the body in the long run. How can you use the MTP kit at home? When you buy MTP kit, the medication contains one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol to be taken while undergoing the medical abortion procedure. Doctors suggest you have to take the Mifepristone abortion pill first which should be followed by Misoprostol pills a day later. When you take Mifepristone, you can take it orally with water. Do not eat heavy or fat loaded food before you consume Mifepristone. 200 mg of Mifepristone is enough to stop the development of pregnancy. When you take the Misoprostol pill on the next day, you have two options. You can either take it buccally wherein you have to place the medicines in the cheek pouches. You can keep two medicines in the each cheek pouch for half an hour. Similarly, in the... View Article

How Should You Consume Abortion Pills?

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How you administer abortion pills have a key role in the efficacy of the medications in the medical abortion procedure. Since most women buy online abortion pills to obtain pregnancy termination medications, many of them get information on the same online pharmacy about administering Mifeprex and Cytolog pills. If you cannot find Mifeprex and Cytolog, MTP unwanted pregnancy kit could be a good alternating for ending a pregnancy. How should you consume Mifeprex: The consumption method of this medicine is simple. You only have to administer it orally with a glass of water. For a pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation, medical experts typically advise taking one medicine of 200 mg. You can speak to your healthcare advisor if there’s any change in the dosage of Mifeprex as it may vary depending on the health conditions & other concerned factors. Mifeprex has anti-progesterone components which function against the hormones responsible for the development of the fetus. When you consume these medicines in the right manner, it detaches the fetus from the uterus within 24 hours. How should you consume Cytolog: There are two ways how you can consume Cytolog. Each method is almost equally benefitting in the medical abortion... View Article

Fear of unplanned pregnancy

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Delivering a baby and starting a family is not as easy as it seems. The life of women changes as they get pregnant and begin family life. Fear of an unplanned pregnancy either brings phobia about sexual intercourse or creates pressure during sexual intercourse. Some women who get into unwanted pregnancy situation get depressed not understanding how to deal with such situations. This blog is for such women who fear an unplanned pregnancy. How can you avoid an unwanted pregnancy? To avoid unwanted pregnancy, there are plenty of pregnancy prevention methods which can be used. Contraception methods such as birth control pills, condom, IUD, etc. can keep you away from an uneventful pregnancy. Especially, if you wish to stay away from STDs, using a condom is the best contraceptive method to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Can you still get pregnant despite using contraception? Yes, the contraception methods are effective indeed when preventing an unwanted pregnancy. However, their efficacy is around 97% and hence the chances of getting pregnant despite the use of contraception are low but are there. If the condom gets torn during sexual intercourse, birth control pills become ineffective or there’s a gap in the dosage, such cases... View Article

Will past abortion affect your future pregnancy?

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When a woman wishes to end her pregnancy, it is often the situation that makes her abort the pregnancy. Who wouldn’t want to have babies and start a family as they get married! Even after having a pregnancy termination situation, at some point in life women plan to begin the second chapter of their life, starting a family. In such cases, does your previous medical abortion affect your desires of getting pregnant? “Yeah, it is very natural to feel insecure when you buy abortion pills online to end the pregnancy. Without knowing how these medicines will have an impact on your body or your future pregnancy, nobody wants to end the pregnancy with the medical abortion procedure. However, I spoke to the customer care team when bought the medicines. Was happy to know that it would not have any impact on the medicines.” -Kattie “I have an adorable baby who is perfectly fine with her health. I had a medical termination of pregnancy almost 3 years back. I did not have thought of future pregnancies at that time. However, when I got pregnant last year, it scared me that my previous abortion may create complications in my pregnancy. But nothing... View Article

My Pregnancy Termination Story With The Help of Pill

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I believe I am a very sensitive person because I know how bad I feel during periods days. So coming straight to the point, medical abortion with its painful nature (that I knew of), it was a no for me. Hence I thought of surgical abortion for ending my pregnancy. I was 7 weeks pregnant with my ex-husband. I visited a few abortion centers but the cost of surgical pregnancy termination everywhere was almost high and out of my budget. I didn’t know what to do until I finally decided to do some research on ways of abortion on the internet. That’s where I found out about the mtp kit and how it ends an unwanted pregnancy with a less painful experience. Its price was not really low compared to other pills, but it was definitely not as high as surgical abortion fees. So I decided to buy an pill online and undergo a medical abortion at home. When I received the Pill Kit at home, it had 5 different pills out of which 2 were for abortion and the other 3 were for lowering the painful side effects of abortion. I quickly consulted the online healthcare consultant on the... View Article

How To Find Exact Medicine For Abortion

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There are many online and local pharmacies which sell abortion pills to help them end the pregnancy. When making the medication purchase, you must look into account three major factors: (1) Health (2) Money (3) Transparency. Also, always consult a physician before buying abortion pills to have a pregnancy termination. Local Stores: You can search for abortion pills at local stores. One of the advantages of buying abortion pills at local stores is that you can check the product at the time of buying and use abortion pills immediately. However, not every region has pharmacy shops that sell abortion pills. In fact, many women go to different places, change region only in the search of safe abortion pills. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is already delicate, traveling in such conditions can often be tedious and complex. Additionally, the local store may run out of pills even after you reach the shop which makes your travel and money spent go waste. Hence, women should look for more convenient options before they buy abortion pills from local stores. Online Pharmacies: An online pharmacy is a convenient option for women who cannot travel to find abortion tablets. You can browse on the internet... View Article

What are the facts you need to know about MTP Kit?

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Since the price of MTP kit is considerably affordable than other abortion pills, it is one of the most popular product in the women who undergo a medical abortion procedure. Also, there are many online pharmacies who offer MTP kit online fast shipping so that women can consume the abortion pills and end the pregnancy at the earliest. To put some more light on the product, this blog offers some insightful information about the product. Below are the crucial facts that you must know about MTP kit! Fact 1: It consists of Mifepristone and Misoprostol To successfully terminate an unwanted pregnancy, one needs a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Instead of buying two different pills, you can simply buy abortion MTP pill kit which contains both, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. At many pharma stores, the price of the abortion pill kit is lower than two different abortion pills. Fact 2: There are no immediate after effects when you take the first pill of the kit Mifepristone, the first pill in the MTP kit is taken when you begin the medical abortion procedure. After you take the Mifepristone abortion pill orally with water, you may not encounter any immediate effects. Women may... View Article

Quick shipping pills from online pharmacy

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There are many online pharmacies from where you can easily buy abortion pills online. However, you must know how fast or urgently you require abortion pills. While making an online purchase of abortion pills, you can browse different website choose the one which gives you faster shipping of the tablets. This blog will guide you on how you can buy medical termination pills from a genuine website with faster delivery of pills. How much time does it take for a pharmacy to ship products? If the shipment is taking place within your country, it should typically take 2-4 days to reach abortion pills at your doorstep. If the pills are being shipped from a different country, it can take 7 days or more depending on the country you live in and its regulations. Also, since it’s Valentine’s week going on, some of the websites encourage discount period in the interest of the consumer. Online Abortion Pill Rx is one such website which offers up to 50% discount. This helps women get abortion pills with quick shipping at low cost and be free at the time of Valentine celebration. How can assure on-time delivery? For an issue like medical abortion, it... View Article

Pregnancy Termination Family Planning

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With regards to having a child, a couple hopes to have a family which is monetarily steady and arranged to nurture a child. The potential outcomes of stuck in an undesirable pregnancy circumstance can’t be denied. Be that as it may, there are answers for such a circumstance. There are a few strategies for ending an undesirable pregnancy. Take guidance from a specialist to comprehend which technique suits your sort. It commonly relies upon the development of the pregnancy. In the event that the development is up to 8-10 weeks, medical termination of pregnancy is the most secure approach to end pregnancy among rest. You can buy abortion tablets online, for example, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This medication mix is famous in numerous areas such as the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia and many other countries. Administer the pills as told. The tablets will roll out hormonal improvements in your body and bring about removing pregnancy substance from the body inside possibly 14 days. The entire procedure takes around about fourteen days. On the off chance that the development of your pregnancy is more than 10-12 weeks, there are different methods for prematurely ending an undesirable pregnancy. While fetus removal can... View Article