Contraceptives May Lower Unwanted Pregnancies

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Unplanned pregnancies are a problem not only in the United States, but throughout the world. According to a research, 90 percent of abortions happen because of unintended pregnancy, and 50 percent of these occur in developing countries, where access to birth control lacks. In other cases, female do not understand the importance of using contraception and either avoid it or utilize these incorrectly, leading to a pregnancy they had not expected. Often people with unwanted pregnancy at a young age may be compelled to not pursue a full-term birth. At an early gestation, women can buy abortion pills or undergo surgical removal of fetus to cause end of pregnancy. Other options are parenting (bringing up the child), or adoption (giving up child in foster care). All these choices need to be well understood, before opting one that is best for the person and her wishes. Here are ways one can plan a pregnancy: Perform an unprotected intercourse in case trying to conceive. Utilise contraceptive in case there is no will to get pregnant then. Talk to partner about contraception use. Understand which birth control is suitable for use. Utilise the device, medicine etc, chosen correctly. Check for results after completed... View Article

What are the Pros and Cons of Abortion Pills?

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A medical pregnancy termination caused by abortion pills allow a female privacy of her home, and control over the procedure at her own convenience and time. The person can possibly have a trusted-someone be around during the regimen. The female may have to take some painkillers in handling cramping, but at least does not have to take anesthesia which is the case during a surgical process. Here is a list of other pros of abortion pills: More Private: It is a successful method, feels like natural ‘miscarriage’, and not at all invasive. The sooner it is done, better are the results, and less painful it is. Less Expensive: If cost of the process matters to you, then medication process is one of the best options in rival to surgical regimen, which can cost to $500 or more, while MTP Kit abortion pills may be available at just $200 or under. No Infections: The risk for infections is lower in medication technique, as there are no instruments intruding in the uterus thus there is no concern of sterilizing anything to end the pregnancy. Earlier Termination: You can choose to cease your pregnancy in as less as 4 weeks of gestation, or... View Article

Best Way to End Pregnancy – Abortion Pills or Surgery

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A pregnancy ending can be performed either via oral intake of abortion pills or a surgical termination regimen. A woman can choose either of the two in case she is in early pregnancy. Abortion pills combine Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets for the removal of pregnancy parts from the body. It is a non-invasive method compared to surgical aspiration. In surgery-aided pregnancy termination, the doctor numbs the cervix and inserts an instrument to clean out the uterus of pregnancy particles. The medical procedure seems like a natural early miscarriage technique, against the invasive method. Also, in medication treatment, the female can be at home, while in the latter, hospital care is necessary, making surgery costlier than the drug regimen. Here is a brief comparison between the two methods, which will help you decide, which is the better way of ending pregnancy- is it the abortion pill or surgery? How Far Along Pregnancy Do They Work Medical abortion can be done up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Success rates are low after 12 pregnancy weeks. Most of the pregnancies are terminated in less than 8 to 10 weeks, making abortion pills convenient for women. Surgical pregnancy termination can be done from the... View Article