The Age Eligibility for a Medical Abortion

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Medical abortion is a safe method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy at home. However, it does not imply that every woman, regardless of her physical condition can perform a medical pregnancy termination procedure. Compared to women who have abortions in adulthood, teens who abort are not mature enough to understand the delicacy of the situation and tend to follow wrong ways to deal with the problem. Also, they do not inform their parents about the whole pregnancy and abortion situation. This can lead to various health concerns for them.   You can get abortion pills near you from a safe and secure online medical pharmacy store if you are above 18 and meet the eligibility requirements to perform a medical abortion. An early pregnancy termination is possible with MTP kit or similar abortion pills. Here’s a quick run-through of medical abortion eligibility: Your age is above 18 years. The pregnancy gestation period is not more than 10 weeks. The pregnancy is normal and not a case of an ectopic complication. You are aware of the procedure and after effects of the medication. The Psychological Impact: Younger women, under 18 are more likely to suffer from various psychological impacts which may... View Article

Masturbation Facts That Every Woman Must Know

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Masturbation has become a part of the sexually growing age for many. There is still lacks clarity in women if masturbation is good or pertains to health risks. There are women who avoid vaginal intercourse in the fear of pregnancy. In such a case, Ovral birth control or similar contraceptives can effectively prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Further, even if you get pregnant through unprotected intercourse, you can get abortion pill kit for your early pregnancy termination. What is masturbation? Masturbation refers to stimulating your genitals by yourself using fingers or other objects. While men and women both have reported involved in the self-stimulation activity, women prefer not opening up about the topic, unlike men. Female masturbation contributes to preventing cervical infections  and urinary tract infections: Masturbation or female solo intercourse can work as a protection against cervical infections. This takes place after the orgasm produced by the self-stimulation opens the cervix. A major percentage in the women who are suffering from urinary tract infections report that when they masturbated while with UTI, it relieved their pain and lubricated the vagina. With this, the unhealthy bacteria got expelled from the body through lubrication which otherwise would have caused serious impact to... View Article

Taking care of women’s reproductive health

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Healthcare of women’s reproductive system and mind-body wellness has become of utmost importance for women nowadays. However, there remain many areas where women do not prefer speaking of reproductive issues openly. There’s a need to shed light on the issue and educate women to take care of their sexual organs well. Here are some simple tips through which you can maintain a healthy and happy reproductive system. Choosing the right birth control method: Every woman’s body type is different. Speak to your physician and take suitable birth control medication. You can buy Ovral G contraceptive pills or similar Ovral L birth control medications which are a safe way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.  Practice safe intercourse: Before you indulge in sexual activity with your partner, especially if the partner is new to you, speak to him about his sexual history and try maintaining transparency. Since it’s a delicate issue to be discussed, make sure you make a comfortable environment for both and then carefully talk about the safe intercourse topic and how it’s beneficial for both of you. Young women are advised to get HPV vaccination which will protect them against cervical cancer and genital warts. Dealing with unprotected intercourse:... View Article

Taking an abortion decision: do you really need it?

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Pregnancy termination decision can be tough and hence you have to take different aspects into account and then make the best suitable decision for the situation. If you are firm on your choice of aborting the pregnancy, buy Mifepristone online to stop the growth of the pregnancy and buy Misoprostol to eject all the pregnancy contents.    Here are a few situations which can lead you to make an abortion decision. You want to focus on the kids you already have: If you are a married couple with already one or more kids, you may want to take various factors into consideration while taking the decision with your pregnancy. Financial stability, possibilities of giving inadequate time being given to the kids you already have etc. You’re going through emotional breakdown: Being emotionally miserable may make you weak to handle a baby. The occurrences in your life aren’t going well then it might affect your baby. Perceiving it at the earliest and taking a right decision helps you mitigate the problems. Since medical abortion does not affect up your future pregnancies, you can always plan a baby when you’re emotionally stable and ready.   You  want to focus on education and... View Article

Pregnancy After 40: Is it safe?

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Women nowadays prioritize their needs where factors such as career, financial stability are given precedence than pregnancy and parenting. As a result, we are hearing more cases of women trying to conceive after the age of 40 through multiple medical or surgical methods. However, there remains a high degree of risks and difficulties involved in the whole process. The direct adverse effect of the mid-age pregnancy may not be strongly visible. It may not show major health risks, however, it leads to a number of complications which could have been avoided otherwise. Hence, women are advised to plan their baby before they reach the age of 35-40. They can buy Ovral contraceptive pills or other birth control methods after 40 to stay away from unintended conception or abstain from abnormal pregnancies. As a woman gets older, after a certain point in time, the quantity and the quality of eggs cells produced in her ovaries start declining. This is one of the major concerns why conceiving after 40 is risky.  Health risks to infant: As stated before, the egg quality in the woman’s ovaries deteriorates which increases the personal and psychological difficulties in the infant.   Women may have twins or... View Article