How to Maintain Good Health after Medical Abortion?

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Maintaining a good health, especially belly fat and weight has always been a problem, which can give you serious nightmares. It is fairly natural to gain belly fat after pregnancy termination. Abortion is the process of ending the pregnancy by eradicating the embryo or the fetus before it can survive properly. It is done during the initial stage of pregnancy. Induced medical abortion is the procedure of eviction of the fetus intentionally by taking abortion pills. There is a high probability of gaining belly fat or losing weight after abortion. Reduction of fat actually means diminishing fat from your body as a whole that as well includes the belly fat acquired after abortion. There are some ways through which you can maintain your good health after medical abortion. Although, theses process might take time it will but it is effective and safe. Effective diet: Reduce the calories intake as much as you can. You can do this by avoiding street food and processed foods. Reduce the consumption of beverages to complete zero. Do not consume sugar completely. Consuming sugar can lead to huge calorie intake also can increase the blood sugar levels. It as well causes diabetes. Choose for sugar... View Article

6 Reasons for Late Period Other Than Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about delayed period, but is that the only reason why menstrual cycle would be late? The answer is no. There are several factors that may affect the timing of a period. In many cases simple changes to your lifestyle may bring your regular period back. While in other cases, a visit to doctor may be required. Here are some of the reasons why your periods may be late.     1. Illness Both, chronic conditions and short illnesses can cause your periods to be late. If you think that is this the reason why your periods are late, then you can talk to your practitioner to assist you to pinpoint the condition, find an appropriate treatment and then ascertain when your period is possibly going to return. Other conditions that could affect menstrual cycles include PCOS or overactive thyroid. A rare example includes pituitary tumor, which can be indicated by missed periods. If you miss few periods in a row, they you may be required to visit a healthcare professional. 2. Stress Sometimes we are so stressed that our system reduces the amount of production of GnRH hormone, which causes... View Article

Can You Tell If You Are Pregnant By Checking Cervical Mucus?

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Cervical mucus changes as ovulation approaches, in response to changing hormones. During the two week wait, when you are very much looking for signs of pregnancy, it’s usual to speculate if cervical mucus could give you a clue. It can be tempting to look for signs of pregnancy. Regrettably, your vaginal discharge may not differ much from what you did see just before menstruation even if you are not pregnant. How does Cervical Mucus alter at the time of Pregnancy? You may be aware of term luekorrhea. This is the name of usual vaginal discharge. It is normally milky-white and thin. During the pregnancy, this term is used to refer vaginal discharge; however leukorrhea is as well present in non-pregnant female. During pregnancy, leukorrhea production rises. This is because to rise estrogen and blood flow to the vaginal area. You might think you can look for the extra leukorrhea to detect early pregnancy. However it’s not possible. Leukorrhea alters don’t become noticeable until at least 8 weeks or later. The two week wait that would be way too soon. Cervical mucus plays a vital role in your reproduction system. When you are in the non-fertile stages of your menstrual period,... View Article