Is there a right age to have a baby?

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Women reproductive health system is complex yet seem simplest to appear. Speaking of conception, women can consider the following factors which have an impact on their pregnancies and pregnancy care. You can plan your pregnancy with the help of contraception and start a family at a right age. This blog helps you to determine the right age to start conception planning. Before 20: Women are more fertile in their ripe age. Women in their teens have health risks of preeclampsia if they happen to get pregnant. A woman body in her teens thought has high chances of getting pregnant, is physically and mentally a weak candidate to have a baby. Between 20-24: This age range is also good for fertility in women. There are high chances of conceiving if put efforts in the right manner. Most women of this age usually fall under learning phase and hence avoid pregnancy-like situations. If one gets pregnant unwanted, one can buy abortion pills online and perform the medical termination of pregnancy at home. Between 25-29: There isn’t much difference between the fertility range in this age group too. That said, women feel settled and prepared to start a family in this age. Research... View Article

Weight, exercise, and why your period might be late

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The period regularity of an athlete is different than other women. Women’s health mechanism has a complicated pattern, especially the menstrual cycle which is a result of typical hormonal changes and chain reaction. There are a few factors such as sudden weight loss and weight gain which affect these chain reactions eventually affecting the regularity of menstruation. Pregnancy and abortion are also prominent factors having an impact on the menstruation. Women who buy abortion pills and administer it to end their pregnancy typically expect their next menstruation after 2-3 months. The bleeding after the pregnancy or the abortion is often heavier than the normal periods, however, abortion does not affect the menstrual cycle, it remains the same as it is before ending the pregnancy. Same is the case with menstruation after a pregnancy. We’ll see how weight, exercise have an impact on the menstruation for women, particularly athletes as these two factors are an integral part of their regular life. Loss of weight: As stated, sudden and extreme loss of weight disturbs the chain reactions causing periods to stop. This is also known secondary amenorrhea which refers to not having menstrual periods for consecutive three months or more. Women must... View Article

How many times can a woman have a medical abortion?

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It is not abnormal to have multiple medical abortions, however, there are some restrictions for the same. One should not have consecutive two medical abortions in a year. The constant hormonal changes in the body can put pressure on the uterine lining and make it vulnerable. To know if a woman can have multiple abortions, she should understand what actually happens in the medical pregnancy termination procedure. Medical abortion is terminating an unwanted pregnancy (up to 8-10 weeks) through abortion pills. When you buy abortion pills online, Mifepristone and Misoprostol are considered to be some of the best medicines for abortion. Mifepristone, the anti-progesterone medicine is advised to take for stopping the maturation of pregnancy. One tablet of Mifepristone with a glass of water is enough to deal with the pregnancy growth up to 8 weeks. The second medicine, Misoprostol is a prostaglandin pill which physicians advise to take for removing pregnancy tissues from the body. Four tablets of Misoprostol are adequate for passing pregnancy contents (pregnancy up to 8 weeks of gestation) There are two methods for administering Misoprostol pills. Vaginal insertion and buccal method. Both the methods are effective enough to initiate the fetus removal process. Is there... View Article

What are the common side effects of medical abortion?

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Women misinterpret the symptoms of medical abortion with the side effects of abortion pills. There a difference between the two. We’ll understand what constitutes to the symptoms of pregnancy termination what are the side effects of abortion pills. The necessary after effects/ symptoms of medical abortion Stomach Cramps: The second pill in the abortion pill drug combination is administered to begin the process of fetal tissue removal and hence it initiates the contraction of the uterine lining. This eventuates in cramps in the lower stomach area. The cramps are similar to the menstrual period cramps and may last up to a few hours. Heavy Vaginal Bleeding: After taking Misoprostol, the body starts expelling pregnancy tissues from the body. Physicians advise not to use tampons during medical pregnancy termination as the bleeding is too heavy to soak and inserting anything in the vagina is like calling health risks. You can use pads or maxi pads for the process. During initial days, it may soak around 4 pads while it gets lighter as the process gets completed and stops eventually. These after-effects are expected to occur with every woman. Also, you must consult a doctor if you do not experience passing. What... View Article

5 things you must know about pelvic inflammatory disease

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As per a recent study on women healthcare, 1 million women in the world get affected by Pelvic inflammatory disease every year. PID, often a sexually transmitted disease is caused by an infection in the reproductive organs in women.  The lower abdomen including the cervix, fallopian tubes, the ovaries together is called the pelvic area in a female body. It is a bacterial infection that first enters the vagina and then goes further into the pelvis. The seriousness of the disease can be severe and fatal at times. We’ll learn more about it and what you must do to prevent it. The pelvic inflammatory disease can occur in women without an STI Women with gonorrhea or chlamydia complications can have more chances of encountering pelvic inflammatory disease. Women can develop this disease without an STI.  Here are the other reasons for PID: Sexual intercourse before 25 Sexual intercourse with different people Unprotected sexual intercourse Douching Vaginal discharge is one of the important symptoms of PID: There are some women who do not experience any symptom of the pelvic inflammatory disease, yet it gets detected with a medical test. The women who experience the symptoms can see the following body changes:... View Article

How should you search for safe abortion pills?

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The availability of abortion pills is different in every part of the world.  An unwanted pregnancy and medical abortion are a private concern for women which they do not usually wish to share with anyone. However, such situations are so delicate that you must seek help while dealing with termination of pregnancy. The increasing use internet has made it easier to access information about medical abortion without having to tell anyone about your unwanted pregnancy situation or the abortion decision. Google search engine is as simple as it seems with lots of additional benefits which you may not even know before. One should always make the best out of services that you are getting. Speaking of a subject like abortion, getting a help for abortion pills via the internet is a great option if you know what and how to look for in the Google search engine. If you are looking for online abortion pills: There are many online pharmacies which offer abortion pills. The purpose is to make safe abortion pills reachable to the needy women. MTP Kit online Abortion pills buy online Buy abortion pills online If you are looking for a specific medicine: Medical abortion is performed... View Article