Going Off the Birth Control Pill: Some Essential Facts, One Must Be Aware Of

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Whether you have been ordering and having birth control pills online for a decade or have only been on it a year or so, probabilities are you will still feel some effects from going off it. Suppose you are switching to optional birth-control methods or hoping to conceive soon, there are certain things you must be aware of about going off the pill. You can Conceive: It is obvious that once a woman is off the birth control pill you can conceive in the absence of other birth-control methods. The timing differs from person to person, and it can take up to a few months for your period to return. However, once your ovulation starts again, there are chances of yours to conceive immediately. If deciding to become pregnant, it is always better to re-schedule an appointment for preconception with your GP, to discuss going off any pill and planning for pregnancy. You might have Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): Particularly if the reason you originally buy Ovral L (oral contraceptive) was to combat the painful symptoms of PMS, they can start to rear their ugly head once again. Basically, you can expect your PMS to return to how it was before... View Article

Having Intercourse After Abortion

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An abortion includes end a pregnancy by removing the conception tissues from the uterus. This process is undoubtedly exhausting for the body and takes at least 2 to 3 weeks for recovery. Even if the termination of pregnancy was by abortion pills, surgery or even miscarriage, the tissues of the cervix and the womb may be more prone to infection for a short period of time after the procedure. What happens during a medical abortion? If the woman decides to buy abortion pill kit to abort, she is eventually going to take Mifepristone and Misoprostol for terminating pregnancy. The Mifepristone other than being an anti-progesterone agent also works to soften and widen the cervix. This makes it easier for the conception tissues to flow through vaginal discharge. As the cervix widens it stays like that for some time after abortion completion. Therefore, the time just after the procedure is when the person is more susceptible of getting pregnant or even infected. Why you mustn’t have intercourse in the recovery time after pregnancy termination? Anything inserted into the woman’s vagina while it’s still healing can expose her uterus to any bacteria or other micro-organisms which can cause infection. More on that,... View Article

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy And How Do I Know If I Have It?

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An ectopic pregnancy is defined when the pregnancy is attached and grows outside the womb – which is usually the fallopian tube or in the ovaries. This is a life threatening situation, because if the pregnancy grows uncontrolled, it can burst the tube or whatever space its growing in. Therefore, it must be immediately treated with a surgery and medicines. Abortion pills however do not effect a pregnancy growing outside the womb. Therefore, it is advised to only buy abortion pills if you have confirmed an intrauterine pregnancy which is under 10 weeks’ gestation. This you can make sure by having an ultra-sound or a pelvic examination. If you use an MTP Kit – i.e., mifepristone and Misoprostol without confirming or having an ultrasound first, there is a rare chance that you could have an unnoticed ectopic pregnancy. If you do not discharge any tissues or blood after taking Misoprostol pills, it is a possibility that you have an ectopic pregnancy. How do I know if I have an ectopic pregnancy? If you feel sudden severe pain in your stomach or lower back/back and mostly only on one side If you are feeling dizzy or fainted If you have pain... View Article

Is Birth Control Pill Still Effective, Even If Taken A Couple Of Hours Late?

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Men and women both can try diverse methods to avert unwanted pregnancy. Nearly all women depend on ‘the pill’ that is a hormonal birth control form which they take verbally, simply with water. The good thing is that, this form of contraception is 99.9% effective, if you take it appropriately. This means you need to use it in a correct way or else you are more likely to become pregnant yet after consumption of the pill. A number of women ruminate over a common question- ‘What are the chances to getting pregnant if you took the birth control pill 2 hours later?’ Let’s know more regarding it. Does birth control pill remain effective, when taken 2 hours later? Of course, the tablet is effective even if you take it a couple of hours after the advised time. You typically need to consume your pill once a day if you are on combined-hormone medicines. The best thing with combined-hormone tablets is that you do not have to take them at the same time daily. Your chances of getting pregnancy would occur only if you do take the pill for a week or so. This generally happens when a woman does not... View Article

Medical Abortion is Helpful, Then Why do Some Women Still Hesitate?

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Science has proven that unwanted early pregnancy can be terminated with medications, rather than surgery. But there is a wide gap between the access rights to abortion pills and its use in various parts of the world. In spite these pills being approved by many medical authorities like the FDA of the U.S. What women fear is not the effectiveness of the tablets, but the consequences of the law they may face, if someone finds out about their motives. In some regions of the world, abortion is limited, including partly or entirely ban given reasons suited eligible as per state jurisdiction. While majority of places even permit dispensing of these medicines by means of telemedicine or online pharmacies. In certain states it is even difficult to acquire the same local pharmacies. In medicinal process, women are told, first to take Mifeprex  Pill orally with water to alter uterine implantation lining that expels fetus from the uterus, and dilates cervix to relieve beginning of abortion. After a gap 24-48 hours, it is followed by an intake of prostaglandin tablets that ejects the pregnancy remnants, bringing a successful end to the entire procedure, in a matter of only 14 to 16 days.... View Article