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Why Women Prefer Online Consultation for Medical Abortion?

April 17, 2018 9:19 am Published by Leave your thoughts

When you buy abortion pills to terminate an unwanted pregnancy,  you have to be careful administering the tablets. To study the medication and abortion procedure, multiple visits to a doctor may not be possible, especially when you live far from the medical centers/clinics/healthcare provider. Online consultation helps you learn about the medical abortion process and healthcare measures which needs to be taken at home. Reports reveal, women undergoing medical abortion prefer consulting online for further healthcare assistance. Also, women who performed non-invasive pregnancy termination with online assistance witnessed smooth abortion procedure with less or no complications.  Benefits of Online consultation It’s a general tendency in women that they do not speak openly about healthcare concerns relating to their reproductive system. Speaking to a physician or a gynecologist may not give a right solution unless they freely speak about the situation without any discomfort. Online consultation, on the other hand, breaks this barrier and ensures the patient is comfortable. Following are a few more benefits of online consultation of medical abortion.    The online consultation is a cost-effective way consulting medical experts, Having learned your symptoms and experiences, online consultation bridges the gap between women needing an abortion and experienced medical... View Article

How Can You Do The Pregnancy Termination With 2 MTP Kits?

April 9, 2018 11:57 am Published by Leave your thoughts

One MTP kit typically aborts an early pregnancy of women whose pregnancy gestation period is up to 7-8 weeks, yet, medical experts and physicians prescribe two MTP kit for some women to end their unwanted early pregnancy. If that is the case, what is the need of taking 2 MTP kits? What all things which should be kept in mind before administering two MTP kit to end an early pregnancy? The blog will give you inside-out information about the pregnancy termination process using 2 MTP kits.  When does a woman need to take two MTP kits? As said before, medical abortion performed through one MTP kit typically aborts an early pregnancy up to gestation period of 8 weeks. The contents of one MTP kit are enough to stop the growth of the pregnancy and remove the embryo particles. But when she is pregnant with more than 8 weeks (up to 10 weeks) one MTP kit may not be enough. Hence, in such a case, physicians advise taking two MTP kits to end the unwanted pregnancy. How does it work? When you buy abortion pills, such as an MTP kit, it arrives with a combination of two medications which are required... View Article

How Soon Can I Go Back to Work After a Medical Abortion?

April 3, 2018 9:25 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The number of career-enthusiast women is increasingly good across the world.  When such women buy abortion pills and undergo for pregnancy termination, they prefer going back to work as early as possible because many a time, such women prefer planning a child once they have settled in their career. However, a woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes during a medical abortion process. She may take time to recover from an abortion and get back to the regular life. It may get a bit difficult for women who have taken the abortion decision due to their career priorities. Women resuming their work at the earliest is achievable, however, she has to take into account certain things to prevent things which hinder her healing process. Before you resume your work: Getting back to the office is easier if you have taken proper care during and before the abortion procedure. When you look after your health during the procedure, the process is likely to become smoother with less or no complications involved. Here’s what you can do to ensure the utmost safety during the noninvasive pregnancy termination process.    Balance the intake of light food and hydrating drinks.    Maintain hygiene and cleanliness at... View Article