All You Need To Know About An Orgasm

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Orgasm, in other words, climaxing is a form of expression that a partner feels for fierce sexual pleasure that occurs during sexual intercourse. It may seem a mere part of our sexual relationship but indeed an important component that helps to better our sexual performance and give satisfaction to our partners. Though there are many ways to enjoy your sexual intercourse, orgasm being unable to reach orgasm may become a problem for you or your partner. It does affect the sexual relationship in direct or indirect ways.  People reach the orgasm phase in the following ways: Vaginal intercourse. Hand massage of the male reproductive organ by the woman Hand massage of the vulva/vagina by the man Fellatio Cunnilingus Anal intercourse The penile organ in men has the largest concentration wherein the nerves trigger off orgasm. Intercourse revives and stimulates these nerves to an extent that when men indulge in sexual activity achieve orgasm.   On the other hand, women orgasm stimulating nerves trigger off late. Although the nerves are in the vagina, they are located in the clitoris. This area is a little inside in the nub of tissue which is under the upper joining of vaginal lips. Possible reasons... View Article

What All You Need To Know About Sexually Transmitted Disease?

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Sexually Transmitted Disease, in other words, sexually transmitted infection refers to all kinds of illness spread through vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse or sexual contact. It can also be transmitted through the following ways: Shared needles Breastfeeding Skin-to-skin contact Shared beds or towels A number of infections are transmitted through sexual activities. Symptoms, however, are common in a few STD cases.  Commonly found STD symptoms.  Rashes Painful sex or urination Unusual discharge Swelling or blisters Possible serious consequences of untreated STDs: Fertility problems Particular Cancer Serious sickness and ill body Rare cases involve death Common Types of STDs: Herpes Gonorrhea Chlamydia Syphilis HPV (Human Papillomavirus) HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Other STDs _chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, molluscum contagiosum, pubic lice, scabies DIAGNOSIS Since the symptoms of STDs are common, they cannot be diagnosed simply on the basis of their usual symptoms. Diagnosis of STDs requires tests to determine if the person has STD and its type. STDs are typically diagnosed with the help of urine or blood test. Sore swabs or vaginal swabs can also be asked to diagnose certain STDs. Word of advice:  You can consult your doctor or visit a clinic to perform an STD test at regular intervals. Home... View Article

How Can Your Spouse Support During an Abortion?

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Abortion is often necessary for a woman yet a difficult decision to deal with. She expects to be treated with dignity and respect. An abortion may give her anxiety, nevertheless, she can be calmed down if she gets much-needed support from her partner. Practical support Learn more about medical abortion. Understand the mechanism and dosage. Help her out understanding the same. You could buy online abortion pills for her. Stay with her throughout the procedure. She may require urgent help. She may fall ill or have other several side effects of medication which are likely to happen upon the completion of the pregnancy termination procedure. Look after her and consult a physician for the necessary medication required to cure her illness. Most times, the solution for side effects is some good rest and less physical exertion. For this, you may have to help her to recover from the abortion. Try to understand her feelings. Ask her what she wants to do. She may want to talk to you and do nothing else. Let her pour out her feelings. Emotional support Since medical abortion is an easy method of terminating a pregnancy at home, all the support that she needs is... View Article