Things you may not realize happen to your vagina on your periods

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Women bleed every month from the start of their adulthood and yet there are so many facts which are still unknown. There are many regions in the world who consider speaking about periods openly is a shameful thing. Technology has made it easier to get online information about various topics such as menstruation, pregnancy or pregnancy termination. Here are a few things which you should know about your vagina during menstruation. It’s releasing a hormone called prostaglandin When you’re on your menstruation, the vagina releases prostaglandin hormone. It also causes contraction of the uterine lining due to which you experience intense abdomen pain during the 5 days of menstruation. This element is also found in abortion pills and hence the pill is taken to induce heavy vaginal bleeding and expelling of pregnancy tissues from the body. However, this should not be mistaken with the menstrual period. Overproduction of yeast and bacteria Your vaginal ph level depends on your menstrual cycle. There’s a high possibility of overproduction a hormone of yeast bacteria. This bacteria is the reason why your vagina and genital area itches so much during menstrual periods. Women health care expert advice that one should wear breathable panties during... View Article

Witnessing Women As Equal!

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The 26th of August 2018 was a gender-centric day referred to as the “Women’s Equality Day”. Perhaps one of the more days we celebrate about how and what women have achieved, and are in the process of affecting society on this specific day (although we do have women’s day!). Consequently, the day marks the 19th amendment process of the U. S Constitution, which gave women the adequate right to vote (now we know what’s different!). The history of the amendment was originally received as an adoption to the voting rights on 26th of August 1920, celebrated as a holiday until the year 1971 when a Congress leader named Rep. Bella Abzug, decided to give a specific mark to this particular occasion every year. CREATION OF THE MOVEMENT  History dates back when the movement began formally in the year 1848, venues at the Seneca Falls convention, organized mainly by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and another woman named Lucretia Mott. Additionally, this convention was marked by the presence of nearly 200 plus women who decided to have a discussion on the women right involving largely on various political, religious and socioeconomic status at their condition in the society. Nevertheless, the process has largely... View Article

How should you take Mifeprex 200 mg during medical abortion?

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Mifeprex is one of the important contributors to the medical abortion drug combination. There are a lot of women around the world who buy Mifeprex online or from the local stores along with the other prostaglandin pill. Women must understand how the pill is administered. The user must follow the instructions properly in order to get safe and result assured abortion with Mifeprex pill at low cost. Are there any other counterparts for Mifeprex? Yes, It does have some counterparts. You can get Generic RU486 or Mifepristone abortion pill as an alternate option for Mifeprex. Three of them work effectively and help in ending the unwanted pregnancy. How should you administer Mifeprex? Unlike the case in Misoprostol which gives you two methods of consuming the pill, Mifeprex has only one method of administering it. Oral. You must take Mifeprex orally with water. Physicians typically advise 200 mg of Mifeprex tablet to end a pregnancy of 8-10 weeks of gestation. How does it work? Mifeprex contains anti-progesterone constituents. It works against progesterone hormone and stops the growth of the pregnancy. What are the after effects of Mifeprex? There are not any immediate after-effects of Mifeprex. However, some women may experience slight... View Article

Medication on a virtual platform, reliable?

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Bringing the medical world onto the fingertips is a sort of achievement of today’s generation. While most of us think that this sort of technology, named as “Telemedicine” have been predominantly used only in the 21st century, one can date back its origin to around 50 years from now. Consequently, the term has been greatly modified in recent times, with current focus involving modern technology and telecommunications which makes doctors visit patients in a virtual atmosphere, which is made with a live video or still images that are captured and saved for later references. Especially in the cases such as medical abortion care which is not easily available in many regions can be made easily reachable through telemedicine and online abortion pills. Consequently, the healthcare procedure has been used across the globe for people sitting across distant nations. Usage Telemedicine is used mostly for its real-time function. A perfect example shows how a patient, the required doctor, and a pharmacist can all communicate at the same time. This can be used for an outpatient specialty as well as with a physician supervision of clinicians from Non-Md backgrounds, for instance, a nurse practitioner. Store forwarding data. Ordinarily, when a supposed physicist... View Article

Changes in your menstrual cycle after abortion

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When you buy abortion pills from local stores or an online pharmacy store, you receive a drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The combination works to expel the pregnancy tissues from the body which occurs through vaginal bleeding. The process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy can take up a week or more to complete while it can take up to 14-15 days to confirm the efficacy of abortion pills. Your body resumes to the regular life. The efficacy of abortion pills is highest if you performed the medical abortion well and as instructed. The regularity of menstrual periods after a medical abortion depends on the menstrual cycle before undergoing pregnancy termination process. You must understand your body well and see a doctor whenever necessary. Bleeding during the abortion process and menstrual bleeding: There remains a huge misconception in women regarding the bleeding during the process and after the process. A woman bleeding immediately after the consumption of Misoprostol is different than the normal menstrual periods. What do you expect in the after effects? After taking Misoprostol, as a result of the uterine contractions, you begin bleeding within 24 hours. This is typically heavier than the normal periods. Hence, physicians usually... View Article

Lower back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy

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Complications are mandatory when pregnancy comes around. Women tend to have a decrease in mobility as well as stability when they are expecting to conceive. Moreover, it puts an additional stress on the lower back which becomes a serious concern in course of nine months. Such abdomen pain can also occur in you end an unwanted pregnancy using online abortion pill or pills bought from the local store. Lower back pain is quite common during pregnancy. What causes such a process is questionable. Some unusual reasons are stated below which can help determine the confusions. Expansion of the Uterus: The enlargement of the uterus is common during pregnancy. Consequently, it puts a lot of stress on the abdominal muscles which affect postural and structural movements. Often the abdomen is also weakened due to the stress of the enlarged uterus. All of these converge causing the abdomen bloat and releasing an extensive pressure on the lower back. Underlying symptoms also provide an additional reason for making back pain worse. Hormonal Changes: Pregnancy creates a path for several changes in a woman’s body, including the hormones. The shooting of a new placenta hormone named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin creates additional manipulations in the... View Article

Treating the side effects of abortion at home

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Medical abortion has lesser side effects or presumably less practical side effects as compared to a clinical aspect. Nevertheless, side effects do affect hormonal and cognitive phases of a woman. Hence, a progressive approach to take the adequate measure which can ease such symptoms can be reliable. Home remedies serve women who opt for a medical abortion rather than clinical. Additionally, having a perfect partner who can be responsible after an abortion aids to progressive women health. Online methods of pregnancy termination are available in several blogs and sites including where you can easily buy MTP kit online. These techniques should be used with utmost care and precautions as they are prescribed within a specific time frame, following which one has to opt for a clinical pregnancy termination process. While terminating the pregnancy using abortion pill, the side effects of the same are bound to happen. There are some simple home remedies which can be easily used to mitigate the impact of the side effects, eventually ensuring a smooth process. Let us get a hold of such remedies that can be performed at home. Nutrient Density: Improving consumption of certain nutrients, aid in progressive tissue regeneration that has been tampered... View Article

Obesity and abortion: What is the connection?

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Surely the body shape of the woman doesn’t define her integral beauty. However, obesity is a problem that can invite many health concerns for women. While undergoing an abortion, gaining body fat and weight can be a nightmare for many women. There are a number of women around the world who buy abortion pills online to end their early pregnancy. However, a hesitant mind puts them under stress regarding obesity after the abortion. Surgical abortion and obesity? The chances of pregnancy termination leading to obesity are high if you have undergone the surgical abortion procedure in the second trimester. An abortion can have an impact on the body after she ends the pregnancy through suction or other surgical pregnancy termination method. The complications arising during the surgical abortion process of obese women are undeniable. Medical abortion and obesity? Medical abortion does not make women a victim of obesity even after the pregnancy termination process. Also, obese women do not face major issues while undergoing a medical abortion unlike how they would face in the case of surgical abortion. The drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol makes hormonal changes in the body and ejects all the fetus contents from the body... View Article