Is it safe to choose abortion pill than opting for surgical one?

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Since there are two methods of pregnancy termination, it is obvious for a woman to get confused. This blog helps explain understand which methods suit you best and why many women are adopting medical abortion to terminate their pregnancy. Medical Abortion: Under this method, the abortion pills are used to end an unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular abortion pill kit combination which ends the pregnancy at home. It has components which bring in hormonal changes in the body which begins soon after the abortion pill consumption. It stops its pregnancy growth, creates contractions in the uterine lining and removes pregnancy tissues through the vagina. Surgical Abortion: Surgical instruments are used in this procedure. When you visit abortion centers, they remove pregnancy tissues through (1) dialation or (2) suction method. With this, women can end their unwanted pregnancy within a day without any pain. Having said that, the method comes with its own pros and cons. Though this type of pregnancy termination seems easy, it costly and can have a severe impact on the body. The side effects: The side effects of abortion pills include vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, sickness, etc. These... View Article

Which Pill Should You Take With Mifeprex?

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Mifeprex is a key medicine in the medical termination of pregnancy. However, for a complete abortion procedure, Mifeprex cannot perform it alone. Medical abortion is a process done through a medicine combination. Since there are many options before women to buy abortion pills online, it is evident to get confused and not understand which one to choose. This blog helps women understand which abortion pill should they take to complete the pregnancy ending process. What is the role of Mifeprex in the abortion procedure? The Mifeprex abortion pill function to end pregnancy growth. The anti-progesterone components that it has, it works against hormones which are accountable for the development in the pregnancy. Mifeprex plays a key role in separating the fetus from the womb. Without the fetus being detached from the uterus, the other supportive abortion pills cannot remove pregnancy contents from the body. What are the abortion pill options available? Cytolog and Misoprostol are the options available with a woman to support her Mifeprex medication. Doctors typically advise administering 4 pills of Cytolog or Misoprostol 24 hours after the consumption of Mifeprex. The four pills ( each 200 mcg ) are administered either buccally or vaginally. As they dissolve... View Article

How Should You Consume Abortion Pills?

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How you administer abortion pills have a key role in the efficacy of the medications in the medical abortion procedure. Since most women buy online abortion pills to obtain pregnancy termination medications, many of them get information on the same online pharmacy about administering Mifeprex and Cytolog pills. If you cannot find Mifeprex and Cytolog, MTP unwanted pregnancy kit could be a good alternating for ending a pregnancy. How should you consume Mifeprex: The consumption method of this medicine is simple. You only have to administer it orally with a glass of water. For a pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation, medical experts typically advise taking one medicine of 200 mg. You can speak to your healthcare advisor if there’s any change in the dosage of Mifeprex as it may vary depending on the health conditions & other concerned factors. Mifeprex has anti-progesterone components which function against the hormones responsible for the development of the fetus. When you consume these medicines in the right manner, it detaches the fetus from the uterus within 24 hours. How should you consume Cytolog: There are two ways how you can consume Cytolog. Each method is almost equally benefitting in the medical abortion... View Article

Possible Reasons Behind Your Delayed Menstrual Period

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A missed period after unprotected sexual intercourse can take up your thoughts with pregnancy. However, pregnancy is not always the reason behind a delayed pregnant. Be it any reason (apart from pregnancy), this could be alarming for health concerns. This blog aims to address women who are often scared of delayed period as unwanted pregnancy situations haunt them. Though you can buy abortion pills and end your unwanted pregnancy, women are not enough educated about their options. This blog also helps you understand what could be possible reasons behind your delayed menstrual period. It lets you know when to take medical help in case of delayed menstruation. Stress: Stress can have a huge effect on your hormones. Consequently, it impacts the part of the brain whose main function is to regulate your menstruation. If you’re facing stress and anxiety issues, it could be a reason for your delayed periods. As a solution, you can try bringing a slight change in your lifestyle. Get more indulged in things which can help you heal from stress. Low body weight: Eating disorders like bulimia or nervosa can lead to menstruation. Even if you weigh lower than what’s normal for your height and age,... View Article

Coping up with Unplanned pregnancy?

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When you understand your unwanted pregnancy situation, you’re most likely to get some panic attacks which is an obvious reaction to an uneventful situation. Young women between the age group of 18-25 are more likely to get scared if compared to the rest cases. Though an unwanted pregnancy invites anxiety and tension, it is important that you bounce back quickly from your traumatic response to the situation. Women need to understand the fact that an unwanted pregnancy is definitely not the end of the world. This blog aims to help women know ways to cope with an unwanted pregnancy through the following points. Have you shared it yet? While most women do not understand what to be done after hearing their pregnancy news, experts typically suggest speaking to their partners or someone they are close to. Decisions taken during anxiety could lead to regrets and severe health concerns. When you tell your partner or your friend, you may feel better discovering that you’re not alone and someone is with you while all this happens. Do you have second thoughts? Many a time, reasons such as the pressure of responsibilities can make woman quickly take the decision of terminating her pregnancy.... View Article