Working during Pregnancy

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If you are healthy female having a normal pregnancy and your job does not involve contact to harmful chemicals, woman may be able to continue working until the day you give birth- or close to it. Even if you may exhaust more easily toward the end of your pregnancy, so take it easy if possible. And give yourself a break. If you can afford to begin your maternity leave a week or two prior to your due date, think using that time to rest up, get ready and indulge yourself a little. It may be the last time you have to yourself for a while. How do you maintain a professional image as my pregnancy develops? It assists to know how your pregnancy may affect you at work. During the first and third trimester, you may get fatigue, forgetfulness, and discomfort. However you may feel more energetic and focused in the second trimester. Although the fatigue and absentmindedness are normal, it might help to talk about your pregnancy with a trusted friend at work. Your pregnancy, although visible, can still be private. Try not to complain or discuss about your pregnancy very much, particularly if your co-workers or supervisor are... View Article

Can Medications Affect The Results Of A Pregnancy Test?

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Often women ask their doctors, if there are any medications that can show a false negative pregnancy results, and if yes what medicines are they? In general, there are not many medicines that can affect the results of a pregnancy test. This holds true, be it for positive or negative pregnancy test results. This is due to the fact that the pregnancy test is based upon the level of hCG, i.e. human chorionic gonadotrophin [hCG] in your urine or blood. A vast majority of medications do not have any impact on the hCG hormones [ in any way suppressing nor increasing it]. Birth Control Pills Birth control pills like Ovral or Loette or any other forms of it like, condom or vaginal ring do not affect the results of a pregnancy test urine or even blood. This is because they do not contain hCG nor do they change your hCG levels or secret hCG. The only exceptional case is pregnancy, which means that birth control has failed. Antibiotics Antibiotics are given to help your body fight or prevent infection. These medications do not contain hCG. Although, they can render your birth control, especially oral contraceptives [ the pills] useless. This... View Article

6 Tips for Young Woman to Avoid Having Sagging Breast

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A number of females worry about when they will lose their youthful appearance, like when their breasts will begin start to sag; but by protecting your skin, by exercising, avoiding major weight fluctuations, and eating well, you can avert the sagging from happening early. Following tips can help to prevent sagging breasts: 1) Keep your body young and fit by exercising: It will make you look and feel good by controlling your weight and giving you a trim waist to assist emphasize the perkiness of your breasts.Aerobic exercise releases endorphins which make you feel relax, lift your mood, and make you feel better about yourself. The exercise includes walking, swimming, or jogging will help keep your waist small. Try to do 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. 2) Make the muscles in your chest stronger with weight lifting: Whereas your breasts themselves do not have muscles in them, the underlying muscles might resist the pull of gravity by toning. Try to do weight training at least twice a week. Chest presses can help you strengthen your shoulder, pectoral, and triceps muscles. Lie on your back on the floor with a weight in every... View Article