Comparison between Medication Abortion and Aspiration Abortion to Terminate Early Pregnancy

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Abortion is a very legal and safe way to end a pregnancy. Typically, there are two early abortion methods available to women: Medication Abortion and Aspiration Abortion. A medication abortion is also known as ‘medical abortion’ or ‘abortion with pills’. It involves taking pills to terminate a pregnancy. Aspiration abortion, which is also known as suction or surgical abortion, is a method that uses invasive techniques in the uterus and vagina to remove the pregnancy. How early can you get an abortion? Medication Abortion: Up to 10 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. Aspiration Abortion: Up to 12 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. What will happen? Medication Abortion: Usually, the early pregnancy termination pill (Mifepristone) is taken in person at the clinic or at a doctor’s clinic. Majority women feel normal after taking Mifepristone, even though some experience nausea. At home, 24-48 hours afterwards, a second pill, misoprostol, is taken either buccally or vaginally, as instructed by your healthcare provider. The abortion starts 1-4 hours after taking the misoprostol. Women experiences heavy cramping and bleeding that lasts for a couple of hours. You will have a follow-up appointment about a week... View Article

Frequently Asked Questions: Birth Control

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Sometimes people are too busy, too embarrassed or just don’t know the answers of many questions regarding birth control pills. Does Birth control make you fat? The studies over and over again about this have shown the same thing, specifically which the pill does not make you fat. A woman who buy ovral G birth control for the first time to start it, undergo many bodily changes. A birth control pill can be used without an expected weight gain. Thus, you can go ahead, purchase those new skinny-leg jeans, and begin your birth control the same day. How long does it take for birth control pills to work? Effectiveness of the pill depends on which day of your period you began taking it. If you began it on first day of bleeding then it is effectual right away. If you began on 5th day then it is effective in 14 days time- any other starting point is not safe until you start begin two of the pill. How long until birth control pill is effective? When you take the pill daily, it’s great at preventing pregnancy. However, missing tablets, taking certain drugs, and other things may make it not work... View Article

What Should You Expect After The Abortion?

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After an abortion you may receive instructions for after care from your doctor. It is very vital that you follow such instructions that you have been prescribed.  To help to reduce risk of infection, you may be instructed to avoid certain things, such as: Having vaginal intercourse Using tampons (instead of pads) Taking baths Douching Swimming You may take help of a healthcare provider, if you become anxious about your condition. If you develop any of the following symptoms, you will need to contact your abortion provider. Severe cramps Fever or chills of 100.4° or more Bleeding that is heaviest than your normal menstrual cycle, or if two or more sanitary pads are drenched for an hour or even more Bad-odor discharge from your vagina Counting symptoms of pregnancy In a pregnancy termination with abortion pills procedure, the provider confirms that the abortion is successful with the help of ultrasound. You should go to your post-abortion appointment, even if you feel fine. Some females choose to go to their women’s health practitioner or regular family doctor for their follow-up exam. You may want to decide that your GP will support your choice because it is necessary that you tell them... View Article

What Is The Most Optimal Regimen For Medical Abortion?

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Through the power of technology and internet, information is quickly and easily available to everyone. Similarly, women all over the world access information on medical abortion on the internet as reproductive care access is lacking, absent or too much expensive in their area. Still, there are some doubts about the regimen that are left unanswered. Here is why the regimen given on our website is optimal as proven by research. What is the most recommended regimen for medical abortion? The most recommended regimen for medical abortion is 1 pill of Mifepristone [ 200 mg] and 4 pills of Misoprostol [ 800 mcg total]. You can also take the branded versions of these drugs by taking Mifeprex and Cytolog pill. Firstly, the 200 mg of Mifepristone is consumed orally. Then after an interval of about 24-48 hours, the 4 pills of Misoprostol of 200 mcg each are put in buccally [ in the cheek pouches] or vaginally. It must be noted that vaginal and buccal administration of Misoprostol are both quicker in effect, but buccal administration is recommended, as there is no chance of leftover tablets residue remaining in the body with buccal route. Why is this optimal regimen?This combination results into... View Article