The Rising Trend of Online Sex-Education

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Lack of sex education is often the foundation of the ongoing population crisis. Schools, preferably mid-level grades introduce the theoretical aspects of unprotected sex and the human reproductive system. With an outgrowth of the internet, most of us heavily rely on digitization rather than physical dependence of books. Women healthcare depends largely on the education of sex. The effects of unplanned pregnancy and abortion are not pretty well-known to most of the population. Reflecting them online with infographics broadly helps in diminishing the problems faced by single mothers. There are a lot of women who buy MTP kit online to end their unwanted pregnancy. Additionally, buying online abortion pills becomes easier for them as they get the pill at the doorstep. In the recent decade, sex education has been promoted vigorously over the internet. Some sites while providing adequate dose, many have altered the line of nudity with education. What prevails such a growth of online sex education in recent times is still debatable. In such an instance, a school in Namibia had to utter “sex-ed” classes by the students when their biology teacher extended the human reproduction class for a week. A week later, teachers of the school introduced... View Article

Confirming the pregnancy at home

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Getting pregnant is easy, all you need is a will from your partner and loads of love. What nullifies the process is an unplanned gestation. Worst, the process of knowing whether you are pregnant or not! The positive result of pregnancy can seldom be undesired. In such cases, you need to think wisely about the situation and make a decision if you want to have an abortion or continue the pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill kit online (or from nearby stores) and administer them to end your pregnancy at the earliest, or, consult an expert on how you can deal with the situation. The overall pregnancy tests, or whether to approach a test are hideous. Confusions arise as to when should one take a test, if yes, then how!? Home tests are preferred by most, considering they have been largely conducted by self which hides away the probable outcome of visiting a doctor. But when one should take a home pregnancy test is a matter of concern. Menstrual Cycles: The most obvious and ancient method to go for a home pregnancy test is to check the onset of recent menstruation. It is quite easy if you have track of... View Article

How does a woman’s body change after sexual intercourse?

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Sexual Intercourse is a stress buster, a natural way to deal with all your depressive strains in your day to day life. It would be worthless to say that sexual intercourse is not needed, or is just a ritual after marriage. Sexual Intercourse is nature’s answer to lead a life embracing and exploring the curves of a human body. Women only need to understand the importance of contraceptives while indulging in sexual activity. An unintended pregnancy through unprotected intercourse can be worrisome. Thankfully you can buy abortion pill online fast delivery and end their pregnancy through a medical abortion. With the increasing use of the internet, women may even consider buying online abortion pills which help them get the medicines with homely comfort and complete privacy. Speaking of sexual activities, though both the genders get rewarded, women have been identified with some drastic change in their bodily mechanisms just after sexual intercourse. But how do sexual intercourse make women feel and behave differently? It does have an adverse effect on overall women health for certain. Boosting hormones! : After the sexual intercourse, women have an ocean of all the mood enhancing hormones and neurotransmitters. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and even catecholamines... View Article

How To Calculate Your Ovulation Time Using Your Menstrual Cycle

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Typically, a woman’s menstrual cycle is of 28 days which also involves ovulation phase in the period. It is the time when an unfertilized egg is released from the ovary. The egg further goes to the uterus through the fallopian tubes. You’re most fertile when you’re ovulating and that’s when is the best time to try for conception. Having intercourse during this period increases the possibilities of getting pregnant. If the released egg reaches the sperm, it gets fertilized and the woman becomes pregnant.  Women often misinterpret that having intercourse immediately after a menstrual period can not make you pregnant which is utterly untrue. The male sperm can remain in the vagina for a week and hence the possibilities of conceiving due to such unprotected intercourse cannot be denied. If you end up with an unwanted pregnancy this way, medical abortion can be an option to terminate an early pregnancy (up to 8-10 weeks). For women who have privacy concerns, you can buy abortion pills online which enable you to abort the pregnancy with complete privacy. There is a couple of ovulation calculating devices available in the market which help you count the exact time of ovulation. You can... View Article

5 Myths about medical abortion

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Medical abortion has always been a concern of dubiety issues in women due to various false beliefs spread in the societies. If truth be told, a medical abortion performed using a drug combination of the anti-progesterone pill and a prostaglandin pill is assuredly a safe and effective way of ending an unwanted pregnancy. Here are 5 myths about medical abortion which you should listen to. The myths need to be debunked and women must be educated regarding the entire process of medical abortion. Women mostly choose online abortion pill in places like the USA and Texas in particular. This allows them to have a medical abortion with complete privacy maintained. It long-term side effects: Like most other medication, abortion pills have certain side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headache etc. These side effects are not permanent. The abortion pills do not have any long-term impact on the body. Also, the minor side effects of abortion are easily curable with primary medication. It makes you infertile: This is a commonly found myth about the after-effects of medical abortion. When you abort your pregnancy abortion pills, it does not affect the future pregnancies. Also, neither does it have an impact on the... View Article

Why medical abortion is a liberal choice for women

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Considering the aftermath resulting from an unwanted pregnancy, medical abortion can be considered as the appropriate option for women. Medical abortion is a procedure of terminating an unwanted pregnancy at home using a drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Following are the consequences of continued unwanted pregnancy which may occur with women: Suicides: There are have been cases of women not being able to handle the stress of unintended pregnancy and life pressure. This has led them to take a suicide decision. Living with an unwanted pregnancy can indeed be traumatic. However, if women chose to buy abortion pills online and end their pregnancy at home, the problem is likely to be resolved. The maintained privacy and easily available abortion pills online will refrain women from taking such dreadful decisions. Health risks for women: If a woman gets pregnant in an unhealthy environment, it can lead to several health risks to the child and mother both. Women’s health has to be taken into account while regulating the laws against abortion. The outcomes may turn out be fatal and even worse with continued pregnancy. A child being left unadopted: Another concern raised by pro-life people is the adoption option. As per... View Article

Banning abortion endangers women’s health

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Banning abortion is never a solution to the women healthcare problem. If truth be told, it does more harm than good. All the governments across the world with an abortion ban policy need to understand women’s stance and analyze the situations which women go through in their life during the whole unwanted pregnancy situation. One mistake can change a woman’s whole life. In fact, the consequences of continued pregnancy can be life-threatening at times. Abortion is a better option than a miserable life of the woman and the child. What the reports say: Every year, a considerable number of women opt for abortion methods which turn out to be unsafe for them. This eventuates due to following reasons: (1) Banned abortion in the region (2) Unavailability of adequate abortion services in the region due to restrictions (3) Not fitting in the ‘abortion criteria’  of respective state/region. Why women perform an abortion: Rape Contraceptive failure Unplanned pregnancy Being unable to offer the needed requirements to child Unhealthy condition Taking the abortion decision often a painful one. It is essential for government authorities to understand the reason behind taking the decision before jumping onto the abortion ban decree. How will the legalized... View Article