Terminating Unwanted Pregnancy with Cytolog Alone

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“Women and Pregnancy” these two subjects may evoke various healthcare related topics. However, abortion is one of the most followed topics, as the right to the same as unequal in the world. While numbers of regions allow females to get Cytolog alone for evicting a 10 weeks old fetus, other may have specific rules and restrictions to the pill’s distribution, dosage, and use. But, the medicine just remains the most popular products utilized during a medication abortion. Utilizing it alone may not give much fruitful feedback, however when taken with anti-progesterone pills (Mifepristone), it will yield a safer and successful ending to unwanted pregnancy. Females are made available to buy abortion pill on internet pharmacies, health organizations or obtain from reliable sources around their area. But, the drug should not be taken with smoking or alcohol. The pill is only meant for first trimester abortion that is unsuitable for ectopic pregnancy, females over 10 weeks gestation. What is the dosage of Cytolog pill? Females can buy cytolog online to have abortion with cytolog alone. Step 1: Place 4 pills of Cytolog (200mcg each) either in the cheek pouches or in the vagina. Take 3-4 hours of interval. Step 2: Place... View Article

How to Deal With Anxiety about Having an Abortion

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People have still yet to fully accept abortion. Personal beliefs, religious reasons, misconceptions and blind faiths etc all contribute to societal backlash towards those choosing to abort. Therefore, many women who might want to have pregnancy termination too, hesitate to buy abortion pills. In many developing countries, it is the in-laws and husband who make the decision. Wrong usage of pregnancy cancellation Pregnancy termination can be used for wrong purposes. These include parents purposely inducing a miscarriage in cases if the child may turn out to be girl. Generally, baby’s gender detection happens between 19-22 weeks of gestation. While abortion pills only take effect within 10 weeks, people may wrongly use the drugs and endanger both the women and fetus. In such cases women need to empower themselves and fight against social injustices. They need to educate themselves and those around them to take places in power; so that they can punish those who put these women’s lives in risk. Family pressure Due to expectations, some women who do not want to become mothers have no choice but to do so as their elder’s state. In some cases, women are expected to leave their careers and start raising child and... View Article

How to Find Out Whether You Have A Post Abortion Infection or Not?

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Post abortion infection through safe abortion pills are very unusual. If you feel nausea, vomiting and fever, diarrhea, which lasts more than 24 hours or is higher than 100.4 F/38 C, if you have pain in your belly, or if you have foul smelling vaginal discharge, if your belly feels tender or sore, if you have a lot of blood loss or for a long time, you might have an infection and you must go to physician right away. The infection must be treated with antibiotics. Signs Indication of infection: A fever that begins soon after consumption of Misoprostol and lasts within 24 hours and is below 100.4 F/38 C is an ordinary side effect. If you get fever for more than a day or is greater than 100.4 F/38 C, a person must look for medical attention. Medication pregnancy termination accessed from online pharmacy is a safer option in places where invasive methods are dangerous for a female’s health, or in places where the accessibility of safe termination is prohibited. The risk of infection is larger when a female gets a child than when she has a medication pregnancy termination. Additional scientific information: Post abortion infection is not well... View Article

Are There Other Characteristics To Be Considered Before Medical Abortion?

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Before a woman decides to have an abortion with pills, there are certain factors other than 10 weeks of gestation that she may have to mind. While many qualifications for eligibility for having an abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol are known, there are other characteristics that many consider being contra-indications, but which in fact are not. Below are the 9 conditions that you may or may not have to consider before a medical abortion. Breastfeeding It is very likely that the Mifepristone you take passes onto the breast milk. Studies have shown the endocrine effects of mifepristone on the fetus and found increased levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol. The clinical implications of this, however, are unclear. On the other hand, small amounts of Misoprostol soon enter the breast milk after administration. Nevertheless, it is the effect of Misoprostol on the infant is not known. As Misoprostol levels decline swiftly once administrated, it is recommended that the woman breastfeeds before taking the drug, then again 4 hours or later after administration, if taken buccally, i.e. in cheek pouches. While, if the drug is taken vaginally, the dosage lasts in the body for longer and it is recommended to breastfeed six... View Article