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The Rising Trend of Online Sex-Education

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Lack of sex education is often the foundation of the ongoing population crisis. Schools, preferably mid-level grades introduce the theoretical aspects of unprotected sex and the human reproductive system. With an outgrowth of the internet, most of us heavily rely on digitization rather than physical dependence of books. Women healthcare depends largely on the education of sex. The effects of unplanned pregnancy and abortion are not pretty well-known to most of the population. Reflecting them online with infographics broadly helps in diminishing the problems faced by single mothers. There are a lot of women who buy MTP kit online to end their unwanted pregnancy. Additionally, buying online abortion pills becomes easier for them as they get the pill at the doorstep. In the recent decade, sex education has been promoted vigorously over the internet. Some sites while providing adequate dose, many have altered the line of nudity with education. What prevails such a growth of online sex education in recent times is still debatable. In such an instance, a school in Namibia had to utter “sex-ed” classes by the students when their biology teacher extended the human reproduction class for a week. A week later, teachers of the school introduced... View Article

Confirming the pregnancy at home

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Getting pregnant is easy, all you need is a will from your partner and loads of love. What nullifies the process is an unplanned gestation. Worst, the process of knowing whether you are pregnant or not! The positive result of pregnancy can seldom be undesired. In such cases, you need to think wisely about the situation and make a decision if you want to have an abortion or continue the pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill kit online (or from nearby stores) and administer them to end your pregnancy at the earliest, or, consult an expert on how you can deal with the situation. The overall pregnancy tests, or whether to approach a test are hideous. Confusions arise as to when should one take a test, if yes, then how!? Home tests are preferred by most, considering they have been largely conducted by self which hides away the probable outcome of visiting a doctor. But when one should take a home pregnancy test is a matter of concern. Menstrual Cycles: The most obvious and ancient method to go for a home pregnancy test is to check the onset of recent menstruation. It is quite easy if you have track of... View Article

Taking care of women’s reproductive health

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Healthcare of women’s reproductive system and mind-body wellness has become of utmost importance for women nowadays. However, there remain many areas where women do not prefer speaking of reproductive issues openly. There’s a need to shed light on the issue and educate women to take care of their sexual organs well. Here are some simple tips through which you can maintain a healthy and happy reproductive system. Choosing the right birth control method: Every woman’s body type is different. Speak to your physician and take suitable birth control medication. You can buy Ovral G contraceptive pills or similar Ovral L birth control medications which are a safe way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.  Practice safe intercourse: Before you indulge in sexual activity with your partner, especially if the partner is new to you, speak to him about his sexual history and try maintaining transparency. Since it’s a delicate issue to be discussed, make sure you make a comfortable environment for both and then carefully talk about the safe intercourse topic and how it’s beneficial for both of you. Young women are advised to get HPV vaccination which will protect them against cervical cancer and genital warts. Dealing with unprotected intercourse:... View Article

Pregnancy After 40: Is it safe?

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Women nowadays prioritize their needs where factors such as career, financial stability are given precedence than pregnancy and parenting. As a result, we are hearing more cases of women trying to conceive after the age of 40 through multiple medical or surgical methods. However, there remains a high degree of risks and difficulties involved in the whole process. The direct adverse effect of the mid-age pregnancy may not be strongly visible. It may not show major health risks, however, it leads to a number of complications which could have been avoided otherwise. Hence, women are advised to plan their baby before they reach the age of 35-40. They can buy Ovral contraceptive pills or other birth control methods after 40 to stay away from unintended conception or abstain from abnormal pregnancies. As a woman gets older, after a certain point in time, the quantity and the quality of eggs cells produced in her ovaries start declining. This is one of the major concerns why conceiving after 40 is risky.  Health risks to infant: As stated before, the egg quality in the woman’s ovaries deteriorates which increases the personal and psychological difficulties in the infant.   Women may have twins or... View Article

Best Healthcare For The Medical Abortion Procedure

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Medical abortion is undoubtedly an easy procedure to terminate an early pregnancy at home. However, it has to be performed with safety measure being taken. When a pregnancy termination medication is administered with care the efficiency of abortion pills rises with successful abortion results. Why does a woman require safety measures before, during and after the abortion procedure? Abortion is a sensitive decision for a woman. Her body experiences many changes during the whole procedure which are delicate and need to be handled with care. Women need to buy abortion pill from a genuine healthcare provider. Additionally, the pills have to be FDA approved to ensure its effectiveness and safety. All these healthcare measures and precautions confirm safety, security, privacy and most importantly effectiveness of the medications used.  Following ways, a woman can take healthcare measures to ensure smooth medical abortion process and successful results. Care before medical abortion procedure: Confirm your pregnancy and its gestation period. Assess your medical history. Make sure that your case does not include in following cases: Ectopic pregnancy Bleeding disorders Anemia Asthma Other heart diseases Talk to your partner or people you’re comfortable with. Discuss with them why you wish to perform an abortion... View Article

Things Should Be Avoided After having A Medical Abortion

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Women may know what to be done after a pregnancy termination, however, they should also know what shouldn’t be done. The blog talks what all things you need to avoid a medical abortion to recover faster. Taking care of your health after an abortion is as important as looking after yourself during the abortion procedure. There remain important constituents which are still neglected by women. When women buy abortion pills and undergo a medical abortion, the pregnancy termination is likely to take time for at least seven weeks or more to complete the process. Similarly, it also takes time to heal after an abortion.  Following are the things which you should avoid after an abortion. Exercising Too soon Exercising is never a bad thing. Having said that, how and when you exercise surely creates an impact on your body. If you start drilling or do other activities with excessive physical movements, they create pressure on your body. You require good rest and peaceful time to recover from abortion. Exercising certainly does not help hence advised to avoid. Using tampons Insertion of tampons in the vagina can possibly lead to infections while undergoing an abortion. Besides, after abortion medication bleeding typically... View Article

What All You Need To Know About Sexually Transmitted Disease?

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Sexually Transmitted Disease, in other words, sexually transmitted infection refers to all kinds of illness spread through vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse or sexual contact. It can also be transmitted through the following ways: Shared needles Breastfeeding Skin-to-skin contact Shared beds or towels A number of infections are transmitted through sexual activities. Symptoms, however, are common in a few STD cases.  Commonly found STD symptoms.  Rashes Painful sex or urination Unusual discharge Swelling or blisters Possible serious consequences of untreated STDs: Fertility problems Particular Cancer Serious sickness and ill body Rare cases involve death Common Types of STDs: Herpes Gonorrhea Chlamydia Syphilis HPV (Human Papillomavirus) HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Other STDs _chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, molluscum contagiosum, pubic lice, scabies DIAGNOSIS Since the symptoms of STDs are common, they cannot be diagnosed simply on the basis of their usual symptoms. Diagnosis of STDs requires tests to determine if the person has STD and its type. STDs are typically diagnosed with the help of urine or blood test. Sore swabs or vaginal swabs can also be asked to diagnose certain STDs. Word of advice:  You can consult your doctor or visit a clinic to perform an STD test at regular intervals. Home... View Article

Two types of Birth Control Methods and Their Working

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Birth control is how you avert pregnancy prior to its beginning. There are number of different methods, but two of them are birth control pill and Vaginal birth control ring, which work really well and are easy to use. What is birth control pill? Oral birth controls are a kind of drug with hormones that you take daily to avert pregnancy. There are number of different brands of pills. People buy birth control pill as it is affordable, safe, and effective if you always take it on time. Other than preventing pregnancy, the drug has lots of other health benefits, too. How is pregnancy prevented by birth control pills? The contraceptive pill works by ceasing sperm from meeting an ovum that is called as fertilization. The ovulation is stopped due to hormones in the pill. No ovulation mean there’s absence of egg to meet sperm to fertilize, therefore pregnancy can’t take place. The drug’s hormone also thickens cervical mucus. Cervical mucus which is thickened inhibits the sperm movement to swim to an egg- type of like a sticky security guard. How can you make the pill work best for you? The main reason pregnancy prevention pills fail because we mess... View Article

5 Mistakes: Get You Pregnant although you’re On Oral Birth Control

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A number of women choose to have oral birth control pills and it is one of the most commonly used forms of birth control throughout the world. In actual fact, physicians estimate that effectiveness of oral birth control pill is 99.7%, given that it is consumed appropriately as per the prescription of your GYN. Nevertheless, in spite of that, there are chances of unwanted pregnancy if you aren’t careful while you’re on the pill. Some healthcare experts mention that, there are five common mistakes that females make while on the pill that can result in an unplanned pregnancy. You are irregular with consuming the tablet: The time gap between every tablet must not go beyond more than 24 hours. Keep in mind to take your tablet daily at the same time. For instance, if you began having oral birth control pill in the morning, be constant and stick to that time. Avoid making mistakes of taking the tablet during the night and create timing fluctuations on an everyday basis. This could diminish the efficacy of the tablet drastically. You missed more than two tablets: According to a well-known doctor, taking the tablet irregularly is the most common reason why oral... View Article

How Do Birth Control Pills Work?

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Mostly used birth control pills are hormonal-type tablets like Ovral or Ovral L which contain two synthetic hormones, named estrogen and progestin. These hormones are of different generations and quantities in each brand and type of birth control pill. Therefore, it is necessary to know what type of birth control suits you to get the maximum effectiveness. These birth control pills prevent pregnancy in two key ways- Mainly by prohibiting ovulation Or by obstructing the sperm’s travel toward the egg by thickening the cervical mucus Stopping ovulation In case no egg is released, then there is nothing that the sperm can fertilize, so the woman taking the pill cannot get pregnant. The two synthetic hormones in the pills – estrogen and progestin- when introduced into the system- stabilize the woman’s naturally occurring hormone levels. This prevents estrogen from summiting mid-cycle. In absence of this estrogen shot, the pituitary gland does not expel other hormones that typically cause the ovaries to discharge developed eggs. Specifically, synthetic estrogen works in a particular manner to prevent pregnancy Firstly, it halts the pituitary gland from creating luteinizing hormone [LH] and follicle-stimulating hormone [FSH] to avoid ovulation. It also backs the uterus lining [endometrium] to prevent... View Article