10 Ways you can support your friend who is undergoing abortion

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ways-to-support-friend-after-abortionPeople often don’t understand how they can help their friend who is undergoing a medical abortion. Showing sympathy is surely one thing, but what can you do beyond sympathizing your friend during her abortion procedure? This blog helps you find it out in 10 different ways.

Don’t assume!

When your friend tells you about her unwanted pregnancy, the first thing you must do is understand her situation. Because other people would judge her for the circumstances she has been going through. You must take your friend into a comfort zone where she can find faith and strength.

Try to be sweet even when showing contradictory views:

You may have different beliefs than your friend. However, you must not demean her beliefs or disrespect her decisions. Even though you wish not to stand with her decision, you can explain it sweetly and back off from the situation.

It’s her decision! Make her realize it!

Whatever the decision she takes, as long as the decision does not harm their health, you must try not to influence their decision. You must make them realize that it’s their decision alone.

Does she have all that she wants?

If abortion is their decision, see if she has adequate resources to end their pregnancy. You can help them buy abortion pills from an online or local store.

A clinic or crisis pregnancy center!

If your friend has chosen to end the pregnancy through clinical method, ensure that the clinic which she has chosen is not a crisis pregnancy center. To avoid such situations, you can guide her on how to buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills and end the pregnancy with medical abortion.

Make her understand the abortion procedure:

If she decides to abort her pregnancy using safe abortion pills, you can consult the expert from an online pharmacy. Help her find answers to all the questions about the process.

Be with her

Medical abortion is not a difficult process. However, the most important help that is required during the procedure is your emotional support. Be with her! You can also make sure that she is eating healthy food and having adequate sleep.

Don’t forget to remind her follow-up sessions:

Your friend can take around a week or more to complete her pregnancy termination procedure. Help her in the pregnancy test after her abortion procedure. This test usually done 2 weeks after the medical abortion process has been completed.

It’s okay to feel how she feels:

Guilt and self-consciousness are the two feelings which usually a woman encounter after an abortion procedure. You can help her assure that the decision taken was needed for the situation. You can pamper her to stay happy and not guilty. Help her gain her confidence back.


If this pregnancy was a result of unprotected sexual intercourse, you can warn her to use contraception the next time she gets involved in such sexual activity. Tell her how she can prevent an unwanted pregnancy using birth control pills or with the help of condoms.

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