How to Deal With Anxiety about Having an Abortion

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People have still yet to fully accept abortion. Personal beliefs, religious reasons, misconceptions and blind faiths etc all contribute to societal backlash towards those choosing to abort. Therefore, many women who might want to have pregnancy termination too, hesitate to buy abortion pills. In many developing countries, it is the in-laws and husband who make the decision.

Wrong usage of pregnancy cancellation

Pregnancy termination can be used for wrong purposes. These include parents purposely inducing a miscarriage in cases if the child may turn out to be girl. Generally, baby’s gender detection happens between 19-22 weeks of gestation. While abortion pills only take effect within 10 weeks, people may wrongly use the drugs and endanger both the women and fetus.

In such cases women need to empower themselves and fight against social injustices. They need to educate themselves and those around them to take places in power; so that they can punish those who put these women’s lives in risk.

Family pressure

Due to expectations, some women who do not want to become mothers have no choice but to do so as their elder’s state. In some cases, women are expected to leave their careers and start raising child and take care of home. This is acceptable as long as it is the woman’s choice, but forcing someone’s reproductive rights is unacceptable. Here too, women need to voice their opinions and revolt against those who attempt to control others rights.

Many times these women come to clinic for additional medical support as they induce termination by themselves by orthodox methods. Sometimes they purposely injure themselves or drink bleach in hopes of inducing a miscarriage. Most of the times, these methods can even lead to severe health complications.

Anxious about termination

Some may feel anxious about the making the decision to abort. In such cases it is important to discuss your feelings with a neutral counselor. As pro-life or pro-abortion groups may try to sway your decision, it is necessary to get a counselor whose personal beliefs may not affect their advice.

In case, you are anxious about accessing the drugs, there are many trusted services where you can buy abortion pills online safely. To ease your nervousness and questions, you can check if the website is authorized and sells genuine products.

Women who are uncertain about termination procedure rather than the decision may check medical websites and other counseling options. If the women is within 10 weeks of gestation she may choose pregnancy cancellation drugs; while others further in gestation period can go through surgery.

Women’s rights group support

Due to government bodies across the world implementing backward anti-abortion laws, there have been rise in the feminist groups revolting to make access easier. These women set up web sources where women who are bereft of their rights can buy Mifeprex online as well as other cancellation drugs.

These women’s choice groups find legal loopholes and deliver these drugs through drones and shipping. Sometimes they offer MTP Kit ( Mifepristone/Misoprostol), Cytolog and RU-486 online as well.

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