Working during Pregnancy

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If you are healthy female having a normal pregnancy and your job does not involve contact to harmful chemicals, woman may be able to continue working until the day you give birth- or close to it. Even if you may exhaust more easily toward the end of your pregnancy, so take it easy if possible.

And give yourself a break. If you can afford to begin your maternity leave a week or two prior to your due date, think using that time to rest up, get ready and indulge yourself a little. It may be the last time you have to yourself for a while.

How do you maintain a professional image as my pregnancy develops?

It assists to know how your pregnancy may affect you at work. During the first and third trimester, you may get fatigue, forgetfulness, and discomfort. However you may feel more energetic and focused in the second trimester. Although the fatigue and absentmindedness are normal, it might help to talk about your pregnancy with a trusted friend at work.

Your pregnancy, although visible, can still be private. Try not to complain or discuss about your pregnancy very much, particularly if your co-workers or supervisor are already less than helpful of your pregnancy.

At any time you can grab a few moments of privacy during the day, feel free to daydream, wonder, worry, even meditate regarding your pregnancy, and however be prudent when you are around your co-workers.

How do you manage morning sickness at work?

Majority of females undergo vomiting or nausea at some point during pregnancy, and opportunities are it will hit you at work. Discuss your healthcare provider regarding treatments to relieve morning sickness and strategies to keep nausea at bay.

If you are having trouble keeping food down, towels, stash plastic bags and mouthwash in your desk or your car, and figure out the fastest way to the bathroom. (Try to be prepared with a convincing explanation in case someone comes in while you are not keen, if you haven’t told your boss or co-workers your news yet.)

If your morning sickness is particularly serious and extended- with frequent vomiting or constant nausea- you may have to tell your supervisor about your pregnancy former than you planned. It can be tricky as you don’t want it to seem like you can’t do your job.

How can you stay comfortable at your work place?

Although your job requires least standing and nothing more tiring than lifting a phone, create an effort to take a good care of yourself while you are pregnant. Below are some tips:

  • Take breaks: If you have been standing, put your feet up or walk around. Doing so helps push fluid out of the feet and legs and back up to the heart to be recirculated.
  • Keep moving: Stand up and walk around every two hours. This will relieve swelling in your feet and ankles, and it must keep you more comfortable. While you are up, do a few stretching exercises to protect your back.
  • Dress comfortably: Wear comfy shoes and loose clothing. You might also try wearing maternity tights or support hose to prevent or ease swelling and varicose veins.
  • Drink a lot of water: Keep a tall glass at your desk or work area and refill it often. This will as well give you a chance to take a break and walk to the bathroom.
  • Be mindful of repetitive strain injuries: Pregnant female are at a greater risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome due to fluid retention can rise pressure inside the carpal tunnel of the wrist and irritate the median nerve. Try to limit repetitive tasks, and create your workstation as comfortable as possible.
  • Don’t overdo it: Reject offers of overtime, particularly if you are exhausted or if your job needs physical activity.
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