Weight, exercise, and why your period might be late

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The period regularity of an athlete is different than other women. Women’s health mechanism has a complicated pattern, especially the menstrual cycle which is a result of typical hormonal changes and chain reaction. There are a few factors such as sudden weight loss and weight gain which affect these chain reactions eventually affecting the regularity of menstruation.

Pregnancy and abortion are also prominent factors having an impact on the menstruation. Women who buy abortion pills and administer it to end their pregnancy typically expect their next menstruation after 2-3 months. The bleeding after the pregnancy or the abortion is often heavier than the normal periods, however, abortion does not affect the menstrual cycle, it remains the same as it is before ending the pregnancy. Same is the case with menstruation after a pregnancy.

We’ll see how weight, exercise have an impact on the menstruation for women, particularly athletes as these two factors are an integral part of their regular life.

Loss of weight:

As stated, sudden and extreme loss of weight disturbs the chain reactions causing periods to stop. This is also known secondary amenorrhea which refers to not having menstrual periods for consecutive three months or more.

Women must misinterpret every time you lose weight, it will affect your cycle. Well, no! Losing your weight slightly does not affect your menstrual periods. Extreme weight loss is what you must be careful of. Contradictorily, overweight women with PCOS are advised to lose weight to resume regular menstrual periods.

What happens when you lose weight?

When you lose a lot of weight at once or have sustained a loss of weight, you basically lose a lot of body fat. Your body senses the fat in your body and changes in the level of body fats makes your body determine if you’re a good candidate for pregnancy. When you starve or exercise a lot, the body reacts considers that you’re too weak to ovulate. Hence, you do not experience menstruation or ovulation in the body, thereby lowering the chances of conception. This occurs more among athletes and sportswomen who focus a lot on their weight loss, fitness, and diet.


Athletes have a routine of intense exercises due to which they may not have a regular menstrual cycle. Athletes mostly have a low body fat level. There intense exercising and low-fat body change the perception of our health mechanism. This body type is considered a sign of negative for a successful pregnancy.

What can be done to treat irregular periods caused due to weight loss or exercise?

  1. Do not have a sudden weight loss.
  2. Do not perform prolonged intense activities or exercises.
  3. Do not over stress as it can also lead to sudden weight loss.
  4. Plan your diet well. Do not starve to lose body fats.

This can help to get your menstrual periods back or regularize your menstrual cycle. When you’re a body is viewing you as a weak pregnancy candidate, yet you become pregnant, consult a doctor. In such cases, there may be health risks involved to the mother and medical abortion may be recommended.

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