5 Mistakes: Get You Pregnant although you’re On Oral Birth Control

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A number of women choose to have oral birth control pills and it is one of the most commonly used forms of birth control throughout the world. In actual fact, physicians estimate that effectiveness of oral birth control pill is 99.7%, given that it is consumed appropriately as per the prescription of your GYN. Nevertheless, in spite of that, there are chances of unwanted pregnancy if you aren’t careful while you’re on the pill. Some healthcare experts mention that, there are five common mistakes that females make while on the pill that can result in an unplanned pregnancy.

  • You are irregular with consuming the tablet:

The time gap between every tablet must not go beyond more than 24 hours. Keep in mind to take your tablet daily at the same time. For instance, if you began having oral birth control pill in the morning, be constant and stick to that time. Avoid making mistakes of taking the tablet during the night and create timing fluctuations on an everyday basis. This could diminish the efficacy of the tablet drastically.

  • You missed more than two tablets:

According to a well-known doctor, taking the tablet irregularly is the most common reason why oral contraceptives fail. At the initial days you have began consuming the tablet, missing even one day could result in an unplanned pregnancy. The reason is the first week of having contraceptive tablets is important in averting the egg from forming.  But, if you missed having the pill for a day, take two pills that very next day to prevent getting pregnant. Alternatively, if you missed having the tablet for more than 2 days and then had unprotected intercourse, it could result to pregnancy. In such case, have an emergency tablet within 24 hours or consult your GYN. If you are forgetful person, you must set reminders on your phone and maintain a diary to keep in mind whether you took your tablet or not. One must know that there are also some benefits of taking oral birth control.

  • You are suffering from diarrhea or vomiting:

If you are suffering diarrhea for more than 24 hours or even if you vomit a few hours following consuming the tablet, there’s a high chance the tablet wasn’t absorbed by your body. This could also lead in an unwanted pregnancy. Do not have unprotected intercourse especially if you threw up a few times a day, your tablet will be rendered useless.

  • You had unprotected intercourse immediately you began taking the tablet:

Usually, birth control pills are started either on the 2nd or 5th day of the menstrual cycle. If a woman began having contraceptive pills in the middle of your cycle, she can’t have unprotected intercourse for at least 7 days. Ensure that your partner uses other birth control method (condoms) until then.

  • You exposed your tablets to high temperatures:

Oral contraception must not be exposed to high temperatures as this can diminish their effectiveness. Do not leave the pills in your car or by your window, particularly during summers when mercury levels increase above 40°. Rather than, put them in the drawer away from direct sunlight. Don’t buy these tablets for 6 months and store them for very long as their efficiency could get reduced.  Rather than, buy birth control pills that will be enough for a month, according to doctors.

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