5 Myths about medical abortion

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myths-about-medical-abortionMedical abortion has always been a concern of dubiety issues in women due to various false beliefs spread in the societies. If truth be told, a medical abortion performed using a drug combination of the anti-progesterone pill and a prostaglandin pill is assuredly a safe and effective way of ending an unwanted pregnancy.

Here are 5 myths about medical abortion which you should listen to. The myths need to be debunked and women must be educated regarding the entire process of medical abortion. Women mostly choose online abortion pill in places like the USA and Texas in particular. This allows them to have a medical abortion with complete privacy maintained.

It long-term side effects:

Like most other medication, abortion pills have certain side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headache etc. These side effects are not permanent. The abortion pills do not have any long-term impact on the body. Also, the minor side effects of abortion are easily curable with primary medication.

It makes you infertile:

This is a commonly found myth about the after-effects of medical abortion. When you abort your pregnancy abortion pills, it does not affect the future pregnancies. Also, neither does it have an impact on the fertility of the woman. The user is as fertile as she was before undergoing the abortion process.

It can only be done in a hospital:

You need not search for abortion services in the hospitals. Medical abortion allows you to abort a pregnancy at home. In fact, when you buy abortion pills online, you need not even go anywhere else since the medication arrives at your doorstep.

Vitamin C pill aborts pregnancy:

You will find a lot of information on the internet regarding how Vitamin C terminates your pregnancy with natural abortion. This is utterly wrong. Vitamin C does cause abortion. Excessive intake of Vitamin C can have an adverse impact on the body. Mifepristone & Misoprostol abortion pills or pills having similar contents such as Mifeprex, Generic RU, and Cytology can be used to terminate a pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks.

It can be fatal:

Medical abortion is not hazardous to life in any manner. There have not been any cases reporting a death due to medical abortion. Additionally, it does not cause fatal issues to the user.

You can have unprotected intercourse after an abortion:

Firstly, a medical abortion process gets completed within a week while it takes around 14 days to completely recover from the abortion process. As per medical experts, women must not involve in any sexual activity immediately after a medical abortion.

There is a certain instruction which must be followed by women undergoing an abortion in order to expect the highest efficacy from the pills. Educating yourself about the entire medical pregnancy termination process and performing it accordingly are the only ways to be away from false beliefs about abortion.

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