5 Steps to Deal with an Abortion

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Luckily, and despite popular belief, many people who undergo an abortion or unwanted pregnancy in the early stage display resilience and do not suffer significant permanent psychological consequences. Women can deal healthfully with a pregnancy termination by making an informed decision, dealing with the aftereffects, preparing for the procedure, coping with the process, and practicing forgiveness.

1) Research online pharmacies:

• If you have decided to abort your pregnancy, you will want to find out where you want to buy abortion pills and how the process needs to be carried out.
• Search various online websites that provide and guide about medical abortion.

2) Know possible side effects:

• Some online pharmacies do provide comprehensive information about what to expect during and after every type of pregnancy termination. As well lookup complications, so that you know what to do in the rare chance that these take place.
• A woman may experience light to moderate bleeding, like a menstrual cycle. But, if bleeding goes on for a long period of time you must seek medical help.
• You may experience cramping that must not last more than a day.
• Keep contact with the nearby medical emergency room.

3) Understand your emotional procedure:

• The distress from a pregnancy termination tends to be greatest before the abortion takes place. Some people might feel negative emotions like anger, guilt, and sadness. The side effects may be mild or intense. However, some people have an easier time during medication process. You may be scared or nervous, and this is okay.
• Disclose in a trusted person (good listener) and explain your feelings.
• Speak to those who have been in the same situation.
• Look online for support groups or forums to discuss your concerns. Ensure they are pro-choice forums.

4) Prepare materials for after the process:

• You may want to take it easy after the medical abortion, thus prepare for a relaxing day or two at the house.
• Ensure you have plenty of maxi pads for bleeding after the process.
• Get your chores done, including grocery and laundry shopping. If you experience cramps, you might need to take it easy.
• Get some movies, books, and other relaxing activity materials together. Try setting up time with loved ones to watch movies.

5) Avoid harmful coping mechanisms:

• Do not use substances like drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. This may help in the short term, however, if you are dealing with hard emotions (grief, loss, depression), substances may only extend and make worse your emotional pain in the long run.
• Try journaling, talking to a therapist, exercising, creating art, talking to a friend, or anything else, which may help you process or deal with negative emotions.
• Make an appointment with a physician or therapist if you are feeling very overwhelmed, or if you fear that you will turn to risky coping mechanisms.

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