6 Reasons for Late Period Other Than Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about delayed period, but is that the only reason why menstrual cycle would be late? The answer is no. There are several factors that may affect the timing of a period. In many cases simple changes to your lifestyle may bring your regular period back. While in other cases, a visit to doctor may be required.

Here are some of the reasons why your periods may be late.

    1. Illness

Both, chronic conditions and short illnesses can cause your periods to be late. If you think that is this the reason why your periods are late, then you can talk to your practitioner to assist you to pinpoint the condition, find an appropriate treatment and then ascertain when your period is possibly going to return.

Other conditions that could affect menstrual cycles include PCOS or overactive thyroid. A rare example includes pituitary tumor, which can be indicated by missed periods. If you miss few periods in a row, they you may be required to visit a healthcare professional.

2. Stress

Sometimes we are so stressed that our system reduces the amount of production of GnRH hormone, which causes us to not menstruate or ovulate. If you feel stressed, then you can try and cope with the situation by doing relaxing activities. Even a short walk, meditation or massage can make a difference.

3. Medication change  

Whenever a doctor prescribes you a medication, ask about its potential side effects. There are some drugs like antipsychotics, thyroid, antidepressants, some chemotherapy drugs which cause your periods to be late. Some birth control options like mini-pill, Mirena IUD can affect your body.

4. Changing schedule

A change in schedule can throw off your body clock.  This is particularly true if you change from day shift to night shift or night shift to day shift, at work. If you frequently change shifts, then experience problems, talk to your provider for alternatives to fuel a regular feeling for your body.

5. Weight

Be, it being overweight or underweight, drastic changes in weight can affect your menstrual cycle. In case you are overweight, the hormonal imbalance can impact periods. Most women will return to normal periods and fertility by losing some weight, even they are still overweight.

Meanwhile, if you are underweight, then you will not have regular periods, which can cause your periods to stop overall. This condition is called amenorrhea.

6. Perimenopause/ Menopause

Perimenopause is the time where you are moving on from a reproductive age to a non-reproductive age.  Your menstrual cycle may be heavier, lighter, frequent or less frequent. In most cases, it will be totally different from what you are used to.

Meanwhile, menopause is when you have reached the point of your life when you are no longer able to ovulate or menstruate. It is natural for all women. The average age when a woman starts to menopause is when she is 51 years old.

Meanwhile all these reasons are probable, there are chances were delayed periods may mean pregnancy. In such cases it is best to have a quick pregnancy test to confirm the results.

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