6 things you must know about PCOS

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pcosawarenessPolycystic Ovary Syndrome which is famously known with its abbreviation PCOS. The issue though is moderately serious, it is a commonly found disease in women. Despite which, there are many myths spread regarding this ovary syndrome.

Before we move onto the important 6 factors to know about PCOS, let’s understand first what is PCOS?

The polycystic ovarian syndrome is a health problem caused due to the imbalance in the hormones of the reproductive system. Ovaries make the eggs which are then released each month. This is how the normal menstrual cycle functions. In the case of PCOS, the egg may not get released or developed during the ovulation period. This eventually can cause problems such as irregular periods, infertility etc.

So here are the 6 things you must know about PCOS:

Between 5%-10% of women have PCOS problems:

For a woman, reproductive years are between 15-44. Typically a woman finds out about her PCOS issue in her 20’s. Some women reckon in their 30’s while trying for a baby. However, in the recent research, it was found that 5%-10% women have PCOS problems known while others are not aware of it.

Obese women have more risks of PCOS:

If you have obesity, the risk of having a PCOS problem is high for you than others. Also, if any of your immediate family members have had a PCOS problem, there are possibilities that it is forwarded to you too. For women with obesity, they can reduce their weight to tackle the problem. It may also help them regularize irregular periods issues.

The symptoms of PCOS:

Irregular menstrual cycle, too much hair, acne problems, thinning hair, weight gain, darkened skin, skin tags etc are the various symptoms of Polycystic ovary syndrome. Irregular periods are the first and an important symptom you’ll encounter about PCOS.

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown:

There’s already research going on the PCOS causes and treatments, however, no specific condition has been determined as the cause of PCOS. Experts suggest high levels of androgens and high levels of insulin are the two common conditions found among all PCOS victims.

PCOS can cause complications in pregnancy:

It was found that women who had PCOS faced problems during their pregnancy. Taking abortion pill from an online pharmacy is assuredly a safe option to end a normal and unwanted pregnancy. However, in the case of PCOS, women must consult the doctor before taking any decision.

PCOS is linked to other women health problems too!

PCOS problem can invite other health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, imbalanced cholesterol level, anxiety, sleep apnea, depression, endometrial cancer. To prevent all such risks, women must take PCOS problem seriously relieve the symptoms.

There’s no specific treatment for PCOS cure. Women can only take medication to regularize the menstrual cycle and get away with the symptoms of Polycystic ovaries. There are many websites which dedicatedly offer online women healthcare information. Some of the online pharmacies who sell pregnancy care, the abortion pill, and other such women healthcare medications typically have experts team to guide women. Women can consult these online experts and seek help for the same.

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