Abortion cases are more among young women, know the US picture!

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abortion-case-usIn a recent survey, it was found that the number of abortion has increased the level of pregnancy termination in the young people between 20-30 age group. Today’s young women have their priorities set before them. Be it education, career, getting mentally ready for a family or any other bodily concerns, they are more inclined towards avoiding pregnancies, especially in the early twenties.

There’s a misunderstanding in the societies that today’s young generation chooses abortion over any other thing. That’s not utterly true. The use of condoms and other contraception methods have also reportedly increased in the past decade.

Failure of contraception and uneventful unprotected sexual intercourse are most often found the reasons behind unwanted pregnancies. In such scenarios, the aforementioned priorities discussed make today’s woman end their pregnancy with different methods of abortion.

Most women choose to buy the pill for abortion instead of going for a surgical one. Young women who are at the start of their career cannot afford the big fees of abortion surgeries and hence they switch to medical one.

Although medical pregnancy termination allows women to end their pregnancy before 10 weeks of gestation, it is more popular in women as experts suggest it as one of the safe methods of termination.

Abortion in the US on the legal level:

There are still a few states in the US where performing a medical abortion is not legal. However, there are many regions which have now approved the use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol for pregnancy termination purpose. This has also increased the availability of abortion pills online especially after the FDA approval in 2002.

The abortion practices in women in the USA:

Earlier, women would perform unhealthy abortion practices. However, this has changed over a period. Today’s women are educated about the different safe abortion methods and legalizing the practices has made women follow the instructions guided by experts.

When you buy abortion kit, the pill combination is consumed to make changes in pregnancy hormones. This further leads to expelling pregnancy contents from the body. Abdominal cramping due to uterine contractions and heavy vaginal bleeding are the two key symptoms of pregnancy termination.

In the case of surgical abortion, the pregnancy contents are removed using a suction method wherein different surgical instruments are used. Women generally opt when the gestation of pregnancy is more than 10 weeks.

Both procedures have their own side effects. However, the side effects of surgical abortion may last longer in some of the cases while the side effects of medical abortion go once the procedure gets complete.

Though abortion is a safe option for women to deal with their pregnancies, multiple abortions can result in severe health risks and hence Ovral birth control methods should always be guided than the abortion methods.

There are prevention measures being spread across the world through online sex education, reproductive health awareness events, the added pattern of sex education in the students’ studies etc. However, there’s still room where the safe intercourse practices, prevention measures, and safe abortion measures can be taught well.

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