Anal Intercourse Safety And Health Concerns

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Anal intercourse safety and health concernsAnal intercourse refers to the action of inserting the penis into the anus. Some women also like fingering from the anus or inserting an object for sexual pleasure. While the safety of anal sex is often questioned if you take precautions, anal intercourse can be almost safe.

If compared with vaginal intercourse, there are some risks involved in anal intercourse which vaginal sex may not have. The risks are as follow:

  • Skin Injury
  • Discomfort
  • Difficulties in lubrication
  • Other friction complications

This blog explains certain risks and reproductive health concerns men/women go have with anal intercourse.

Bacterial Infection:

The anus does not hold the cells which can produce natural lubricants during sexual arousal. This makes the anus and the penis prone to bacterial infection. Additionally, the rectum’s lining cannot get broaden as the vagina does during sexual intercourse. Therefore, it becomes difficult to insert the penis in the anus.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, there are high risks of friction-related tears in the anus and the rectum. Some of these tears can be very tiny in its appearance, however, they can expose the skin.

The bacterial infection due to anal intercourse can add risks of anal abscesses. You are requested to get immediate medical attention in such cases and get it treated.

STIs risks:

Because of anal sexual intercourse, the involved bacterial infections can increase the risks of sexually transmitted infections. If compared with vagina sexual activities, anal intercourse has more risks of skin tears, as a result, it is more exposed to the spread of STIs.

Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, etc are some of the examples of sexually transmitted diseases which can spread during anal intercourse. There are no medical solutions found as yet to cure these diseases and hence they are dangerous.


Couples often misunderstand that you cannot get pregnant if you are having unprotected anal intercourse. There are low chances of getting pregnant but it is possible for semen to enter the vagina even during the anal intercourse. If you get into such an unwanted pregnancy, you can buy abortion pill to end the pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation.

Hence, most health experts suggest avoiding anal sexual intercourse. If you still wish to have anal intercourse for sexual pleasure, it is advised that you use condoms for protection. This way, you can at least avoid spreading STIs and prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

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