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Coping up with Unplanned pregnancy?

June 3, 2019 11:51 am Published by Leave your thoughts

When you understand your unwanted pregnancy situation, you’re most likely to get some panic attacks which is an obvious reaction to an uneventful situation. Young women between the age group of 18-25 are more likely to get scared if compared to the rest cases. Though an unwanted pregnancy invites anxiety and tension, it is important that you bounce back quickly from your traumatic response to the situation. Women need to understand the fact that an unwanted pregnancy is definitely not the end of the world. This blog aims to help women know ways to cope with an unwanted pregnancy through the following points. Have you shared it yet? While most women do not understand what to be done after hearing their pregnancy news, experts typically suggest speaking to their partners or someone they are close to. Decisions taken during anxiety could lead to regrets and severe health concerns. When you tell your partner or your friend, you may feel better discovering that you’re not alone and someone is with you while all this happens. Do you have second thoughts? Many a time, reasons such as the pressure of responsibilities can make woman quickly take the decision of terminating her pregnancy.... View Article

Can body shape change after medical abortion?

May 27, 2019 7:54 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Whenever choosing a method of pregnancy termination, the after effects is something women are often interested in. Be it a matter of side effects of abortion on their body, fertility or future pregnancies, pregnancy termination becomes a delicate issue considering all such factors. There are two types of abortion. Medical abortion which is also called a non-invasive method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. The other method is a surgical one which is induced a way of ending a pregnancy. In the procedure of medical abortion, women buy abortion pill like Mifeprex and Cytolog or MTP kit to end the unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks. The medication does not work on pregnancies with more than 9 weeks of gestation. The abortion pills stop the growth of the embryo, remove its tissues from the body after detaching it from the body. The whole process takes around 2 weeks to successfully end the pregnancy. If you have taken care of precautions told during the course, you are more likely to get rid of belly fat soon after the procedure. In the case of surgical abortion, the fetus or the embryo is removed from the uterus through suction or dilation method. Whichever method... View Article

Fear of unplanned pregnancy

May 20, 2019 11:34 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Delivering a baby and starting a family is not as easy as it seems. The life of women changes as they get pregnant and begin family life. Fear of an unplanned pregnancy either brings phobia about sexual intercourse or creates pressure during sexual intercourse. Some women who get into unwanted pregnancy situation get depressed not understanding how to deal with such situations. This blog is for such women who fear an unplanned pregnancy. How can you avoid an unwanted pregnancy? To avoid unwanted pregnancy, there are plenty of pregnancy prevention methods which can be used. Contraception methods such as birth control pills, condom, IUD, etc. can keep you away from an uneventful pregnancy. Especially, if you wish to stay away from STDs, using a condom is the best contraceptive method to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Can you still get pregnant despite using contraception? Yes, the contraception methods are effective indeed when preventing an unwanted pregnancy. However, their efficacy is around 97% and hence the chances of getting pregnant despite the use of contraception are low but are there. If the condom gets torn during sexual intercourse, birth control pills become ineffective or there’s a gap in the dosage, such cases... View Article

How many days after pregnancy can you medically abort?

May 16, 2019 7:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

When you buy MTP kit, especially an online MTP kit, the first concern that you should have is that are you eligible to take this kit? It is important that you visit your healthcare provider and know how many weeks you are into your pregnancy ensuring that the pregnancy is normal. Medical abortion is indeed a safe method of pregnancy termination which is recommended by many women around the world. However, the method has its limitations. The effectiveness of abortion pills depends on many factors. Being pregnant and the gestation of pregnancy are the two important factors among rest. Ideally, a woman can end her unwanted pregnancy if the gestation of pregnancy is up to 9 weeks. The abortion pills are effective on pregnancies up to 9 weeks of gestation. The antiprogesterone and prostaglandin constituents in the pills detach the pregnancy from the womb and expel its tissues from the body through vaginal bleeding. When this process is underway, women experience cramps in the abdomen area continuing for a few hours along with heavy bleeding lasting for around a week or more. What should you do if the pregnancy cannot be ended with the medications? The components of abortion pills... View Article

Anal Intercourse Safety And Health Concerns

May 14, 2019 12:04 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Anal intercourse refers to the action of inserting the penis into the anus. Some women also like fingering from the anus or inserting an object for sexual pleasure. While the safety of anal sex is often questioned if you take precautions, anal intercourse can be almost safe. If compared with vaginal intercourse, there are some risks involved in anal intercourse which vaginal sex may not have. The risks are as follow: Skin Injury Discomfort Difficulties in lubrication Other friction complications This blog explains certain risks and reproductive health concerns men/women go have with anal intercourse. Bacterial Infection: The anus does not hold the cells which can produce natural lubricants during sexual arousal. This makes the anus and the penis prone to bacterial infection. Additionally, the rectum’s lining cannot get broaden as the vagina does during sexual intercourse. Therefore, it becomes difficult to insert the penis in the anus. Due to the aforementioned reasons, there are high risks of friction-related tears in the anus and the rectum. Some of these tears can be very tiny in its appearance, however, they can expose the skin. The bacterial infection due to anal intercourse can add risks of anal abscesses. You are requested to... View Article

Drinking, Smoking, and Pregnancy

May 9, 2019 9:59 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Drinking and smoking have become a part of like for many women. However, this is a habit that women should strictly prohibit after conceiving a child. This blog explains how drinking and smoking affect your pregnancy and why you should avoid it. Low birth weight, premature birth, and fetal injury are some of the ways of how having alcohol can affect your pregnancy. Since tobacco contains arsenic, nicotine and several tar elements, needless to say, it harms your body. These elements reach your baby through the placenta. Nicotine in the cigarettes largely affects the blood flow in your body. As a result, you put limits on the growth of your baby. Hence, it is advised not to smoke during pregnancy, neither when you have an abortion. When you buy an abortion pill and end the early pregnancy, smoking during the procedure can slower the procedure and create further complications while getting the pregnancy terminated. Some women believe that if you didn’t inhale while smoking, it will not reach the baby. However, this or even passive smoking creates hurdles in nurturing your baby. Though you don’t inhale to protect your baby, your throat and the mucous membranes in your mouth can... View Article

Discharge before your menstrual cycle

May 6, 2019 10:18 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We all look at our discharge as something that appears unspecified. Notwithstanding, every type of discharge tells you about the different hormonal changes going on in your body. Most women experience one tablespoon of discharge each day which may be of a different color and texture for every woman. The likelihood of noticing a discharge is more before your menstrual period comes. This blog explains what does such discharge tell about your body and when to get medical attention. It’s Leukorrhea: When you observe discharge before your menstruation date, it is often filled with fluid and cells which are passed through the vagina. This is called leukorrhea which can seldom look slightly yellow. What does it tell? This phase of your menstrual cycle is known to be a luteal phase. Women have progesterone hormones which increase as they come closer to the menstruation. The level of progesterone hormones is higher during this phase. This can make your discharge look white Unlike white and cloudy in the earlier case, if the discharge is clear, it means that the level of estrogen hormones is more in your body. Natural family planning: Earlier, women would use this discharge to understand potential fertility. Though... View Article

Will past abortion affect your future pregnancy?

May 2, 2019 9:48 am Published by Leave your thoughts

When a woman wishes to end her pregnancy, it is often the situation that makes her abort the pregnancy. Who wouldn’t want to have babies and start a family as they get married! Even after having a pregnancy termination situation, at some point in life women plan to begin the second chapter of their life, starting a family. In such cases, does your previous medical abortion affect your desires of getting pregnant? “Yeah, it is very natural to feel insecure when you buy abortion pills online to end the pregnancy. Without knowing how these medicines will have an impact on your body or your future pregnancy, nobody wants to end the pregnancy with the medical abortion procedure. However, I spoke to the customer care team when bought the medicines. Was happy to know that it would not have any impact on the medicines.” -Kattie “I have an adorable baby who is perfectly fine with her health. I had a medical termination of pregnancy almost 3 years back. I did not have thought of future pregnancies at that time. However, when I got pregnant last year, it scared me that my previous abortion may create complications in my pregnancy. But nothing... View Article

What does the color of period blood mean?

April 30, 2019 10:12 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Every woman has a different menstruation experience with respect to menstrual cramps, blood amount, duration of bleeding and even the color of blood. If a woman wishes to understand if there are any problems associated with her menstruation, she must observe the pattern of her bleeding, and most importantly, the color of blood. This blog entails what does the color of menstrual blood indicates and when to see a doctor. Black: The black color usually suggests the end of a woman’s period. Some women may notice it at the beginning too. It is experienced when the uterus takes more time to expel menstrual blood. In certain cases, the color can suggest a blockage inside the vagina. Check if your discharge has foul smelling discharge or swelling around the vagina. Such women may find it difficult to urinate during menstruation. Brown/ Dark red: The red blood expelled during menstruation appears brown or dark red when getting old. If you are encountering slight bleeding or spotting that looks brown, it could be a sign of pregnancy. Get it checked at the earliest, if the pregnancy is unwanted, online abortion pills could help solve the problem in complete privacy. Bright Red: Bright red blood... View Article

Planning for pregnancy care visits? Here is what you should do!

April 25, 2019 10:24 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you have conceived recently with learned it through a home pregnancy test, you should confirm your pregnancy status by visiting a gynecologist or a clinic. With this, your doctor may ask you to have multiple tests to understand and evaluate your health for further pregnancy care. Take regular follow-ups: Know your gestation of pregnancy. If it is within 9 weeks, any medical abortion decision you wish to take, you should take it at the earliest before it’s too late. If you wish to continue the pregnancy, you can take follow sessions for the same and begin your preparations for your pregnancy care activities. In the first few visits of your pregnancy, your gynecologist typically conducts pelvic exam which is then followed by other tests and guidance visits. Do not stay confused and ask questions if you have any. Collect information: Here’s one small tip before you visit your gynecologist: Collect every small change you experience within your body, your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. This will help your doctor assess your stage and guide you accordingly. The Pregnancy Diet: Food and diet are one of the most important parts of pregnancy care activities. Know what foods and beverages you should... View Article