Banning abortion endangers women’s health

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Banning abortion is never a solution to the women healthcare problem. If truth be told, it does more harm than good. All the governments across the world with an abortion ban policy need to understand women’s stance and analyze the situations which women go through in their life during the whole unwanted pregnancy situation.

One mistake can change a woman’s whole life. In fact, the consequences of continued pregnancy can be life-threatening at times. Abortion is a better option than a miserable life of the woman and the child.

What the reports say:

Every year, a considerable number of women opt for abortion methods which turn out to be unsafe for them. This eventuates due to following reasons:

(1) Banned abortion in the region

(2) Unavailability of adequate abortion services in the region due to restrictions

(3) Not fitting in the ‘abortion criteria’  of respective state/region.

Why women perform an abortion:

    • Rape
    • Contraceptive failure
    • Unplanned pregnancy
    • Being unable to offer the needed requirements to child
  • Unhealthy condition

Taking the abortion decision often a painful one. It is essential for government authorities to understand the reason behind taking the decision before jumping onto the abortion ban decree.

How will the legalized abortion help women with unwanted pregnancies

    • Since the abortion will be legalized, there will be hopefully adequate clinics and pharmacies to perform an abortion procedure in the said region.
    • However, since the unwanted pregnancy and abortion is a sensitized subject in a woman’s life, medical abortion will be the appropriate solution to the problem.
    • In the legalized abortion region, educating women pertaining to abortion, the precautions, the procedure can be freely given. Medical experts can also openly offer the other needed guidance required to be completely recovered from the abortion procedure.
    • Legalization of the pregnancy termination can also incorporate a way to limit the false practices in abortion providers since the women will buy the abortion services from a recognized, certified abortion services provider.
    • There will be enough transparency in the operations and women can be educated regarding the birth control measures. Many a woman choose abortion because they are unaware of the birth control measures and its availability in their regions.
  • Abortion is not always a sound option for women but it is often the best suitable option in high and dry situations.  The legalization of abortion will help women come out of the fatal life that they are living.

There are a couple of genuine websites which guide women to choose the right method to abort their unwanted early pregnancies This way, women can also get abortion pills at low cost from safe and secure online medical store.

Legalized abortion rule will refrain women from choosing the unsafe practices and end an early pregnancy through right methods. If the medical abortion gets performed as per the instructions and needed precautions, there isn’t any harm to the user. Medical abortion is a safe method of terminating an early pregnancy.

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