Is Birth Control Pill Still Effective, Even If Taken A Couple Of Hours Late?

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Men and women both can try diverse methods to avert unwanted pregnancy. Nearly all women depend on ‘the pill’ that is a hormonal birth control form which they take verbally, simply with water. The good thing is that, this form of contraception is 99.9% effective, if you take it appropriately. This means you need to use it in a correct way or else you are more likely to become pregnant yet after consumption of the pill.

A number of women ruminate over a common question- ‘What are the chances to getting pregnant if you took the birth control pill 2 hours later?’ Let’s know more regarding it.

Does birth control pill remain effective, when taken 2 hours later?

Of course, the tablet is effective even if you take it a couple of hours after the advised time. You typically need to consume your pill once a day if you are on combined-hormone medicines. The best thing with combined-hormone tablets is that you do not have to take them at the same time daily.

Your chances of getting pregnancy would occur only if you do take the pill for a week or so. This generally happens when a woman does not begin a new pack on time. In such case, women need a backup method to shun unwanted pregnancy, and there are quite a few actually.

Women can purchase the morning-after-pill and/or Plan B pill online or elsewhere, to prevent pregnancy if they have unprotected vaginal intercourse. The pill is works only if you take it within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.

Yet, a lot of women have questions regarding what will happen if they miss any tablets from a 21-day or 28-day pack. Will she become pregnant if she took contraception 2 hours late? The answer is no, she won’t, however there are other possibilities too.

When to start birth control pack:

As you got to know that the type of the pills you take will recognize whether the pill is still effective as normal if you took contraceptive 2 hours late. Likewise, the correct way of starting the pill is also very important.

Woman can begin with the pill in three different ways, such as:

  • While a quick start– Begin your first pack any day of your periods if you are pretty sure that you are not pregnant at this time. You must stick to a backup method while first week of beginning the tablet.
  • Starting on Sunday– Women can buy ovral L pack (birth control pill) to start on the first Sunday after your menstrual flow begins. Again, stick to a backup method during the first week of starting the medicine.
  • Starting on day 1– Begin your first new pack on day 1 of your menstrual cycle. There is no need to use any backup method.

Make sure to take one tablet daily and start a new pack right away following completing the previous one. In case, if there is 2 hours delay in having the birth control, you don’t have to worry. The efficacy of the pill does not diminish.

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