Can Past Abortion Affect The Chances of Getting Pregnant

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past-abortion-chances-of-pregnancyNot every woman who aborts hates having a family. It is mostly wrong time of pregnancy that makes women abort their unintended pregnancy. The number of women’s who plan to buy an abortion pill kit online in the USA is pretty no small. It is very obvious that future pregnancy is the concern most women have while purchasing pills.

This blog explains if past abortion affects the chances of getting pregnant in the future.

The side effects of abortion medicines:

The side effects of abortion medicines are temporary. These side effects include migraine, sickness, stomach upset, feeling nauseous and tired, excessive bleeding etc. The impact of the side effects lasts for about a week or so and not more than that.

If you experience any of the aforementioned side effects for longer than the said time, you should seek medical attention for the same.

Are there any side effects which affect future pregnancies:

None of the side effects have any impact on future pregnancies. There are many women who had a medical abortion yet gave birth to normal kids with normal delivery. Abortion pills do not lead to any complications in the procedure.

As an abortion pill user, you have to ensure that you have to make sure that when you buy online abortion pills or from a local store, they are genuine, safe and effective medicines. Additionally, you also have to make sure that the pills are administered as instructed by a medical professional or someone expert to whom you consulting.

Are there any side effects which affect the fertility of the woman:

This is another concern which most women have about medical abortion method. As already been stated earlier, the number of women having a normal pregnancy after an abortion is definitely not a small number.

None of the side effects of pregnancy termination medicines affect your fertility. It neither changes your fertility in any manner. You remain as fertile as you were before administering the abortion tablets.

When can a woman expect to get pregnant after an abortion procedure:

Soon after you complete the medical termination procedure, the uterus becomes fertile and prepares for another pregnancy. Speaking of menstruation, it can begin within 2-3 months after the procedure. However, your healthcare provider may still insist you on using contraception after an abortion procedure.

After you undergo a medical termination of pregnancy procedure, you should take decisions on the pregnancies in the future. Do you want to get pregnant again? If not, you must use contraception when you have sexual intercourse.

Women must note that they can not have sexual intercourse immediately after an abortion procedure as it can be harmful to the vagina ( since its sensitive during that time.)

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