Can You Tell If You Are Pregnant By Checking Cervical Mucus?

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Cervical mucus changes as ovulation approaches, in response to changing hormones. During the two week wait, when you are very much looking for signs of pregnancy, it’s usual to speculate if cervical mucus could give you a clue.

It can be tempting to look for signs of pregnancy. Regrettably, your vaginal discharge may not differ much from what you did see just before menstruation even if you are not pregnant.

How does Cervical Mucus alter at the time of Pregnancy?

You may be aware of term luekorrhea. This is the name of usual vaginal discharge. It is normally milky-white and thin. During the pregnancy, this term is used to refer vaginal discharge; however leukorrhea is as well present in non-pregnant female.

During pregnancy, leukorrhea production rises. This is because to rise estrogen and blood flow to the vaginal area.

You might think you can look for the extra leukorrhea to detect early pregnancy. However it’s not possible. Leukorrhea alters don’t become noticeable until at least 8 weeks or later.

The two week wait that would be way too soon.

Cervical mucus plays a vital role in your reproduction system. When you are in the non-fertile stages of your menstrual period, it becomes sticky and thick to avert infection. When you are about to ovulate, it becomes abundant and more watery.

This let the sperm to more easily survive and swim.

What regarding brown or pink tinged cervical discharge? Is this sign of early pregnancy?

Maybe. Pinkish or brown vaginal discharge could be what’s called as implantation bleeding. It is called so due to its frequently seen around the time than a fetus would be implantation itself into the uterine lining.

Even if you see this kind of spotting, it may not be a sign of early pregnancy. There are many possible mid-cycle spotting causes.

What If I notice more discharge right before my period?

People that track their cervical mucus are aware that there is some kind of dryness after you ovulate.

During your menstrual period, your cervical mucus ‘cycle’ must go something like this:

  • Sticky, clumpy cervical mucus
  • Dry or very sticky cervical mucus
  • Creamy cervical mucus
  • Menstruation/bleeding
  • Watery discharge
  • Back to dry and sticky
  • Egg-white cervical mucus

You may notice an increase of discharge again right before your menstrual cycle is due. Could that be pregnancy related? No, not really. Once more, improved blood blow, changing estrogen levels, and the cervix get ready for menstruation can cause this growth in watery discharge.

It’s not a pregnancy sign.

What about other early pregnancy signs?

So maybe cervical mucus cannot tell you are pregnant. However what regarding other pregnancy signs?

But, the hormones which precede our menstrual period can as well make you feel fatigued, nauseated, and carving certain foods. You can’t notice early pregnancy by how you feel.

Those who could tell this phenomenon are called confirmation bias. They are only remembering the period they were pregnant and disregarding all the menstrual cycles when they also had those same symptoms but had not conceived.

In the end, you are better off not trying to predict whether you are pregnant by checking your cervical mucus, or by looking for some other symptoms of pregnancy. As frustrating as it is, wait until your period is late and take a pregnancy test then.

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