Can You do Anal Intercourse After an Abortion?

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When women plan early pregnancy termination, a medical method is often the most chosen way of ending an unwanted pregnancy. The website from where you buy online abortion pill or even MTP kit online, the same website shall give you instructions and precautions on sexual intercourse after a pregnancy termination procedure.

Many a time, the medical abortion process brings the couple closer as the procedure often allows the couple to relieve the emotional tension and get closer. Hence, it is very natural to crave sexual intercourse after an abortion procedure. That being said, a healthcare provider generally warns the couple not to have sexual intercourse immediately after ending the pregnancy.

This blog explains if you can have anal/vaginal sexual intercourse after an abortion.

Why you shouldn’t have sexual intercourse after an abortion:

Misoprostol is a key contributor to the process of medical abortion and hence you have to take the pill in order to complete the process. Since the tablet contains prostaglandin components, it expels the pregnancy tissues from the body by bringing in contractions in the uterine lining.

This is followed by abdominal cramps and shedding of the uterus. The vaginal bleeding experienced during this process is heavier and more intense than normal menstruation which is experienced every month. Also, it can last up to a week or more depending on the gestation of the pregnancy.

Hence, when you undergo medical termination of pregnancy, your vagina becomes vulnerable due to continuous heavy vaginal bleeding. At this point in time, inserting anything in the vagina can lead to infections and other complications.

When you have sexual intercourse, the penis is inserted in the vagina, and since the vagina is exposed to bacterial infection, it can affect both partners if they had intercourse immediately after an abortion.

If not vaginal, can it be anal?

Be it before, during, or after abortion, performing Anal intercourse is not safe. The anus lacks lubrication. The anus tissue is more sensitive than the one present in the vagina. The anus has more bacteria.

Hence, it is advised that you should not have anal intercourse after an abortion procedure.

Despite all the aforementioned reasons, if you still wish to engage in anal sexual intercourse after an abortion, please follow the instructions given below:

  1. Cut your nails if you are planning to have anal sex using your fingers.
  2. Use a condom when you have sexual intercourse.
  3. Make sure the woman in the couple is comfortable with anal since she may feel tired after an abortion procedure.
  4. Use a lubricant when inserting the penis into the anus.

If you followed the instructions given above, you can have anal sexual intercourse after a medical pregnancy termination procedure.

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