Chances of Pregnancy and Infection after Medical Abortion

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Abortion, medical or surgical can be physically and mentally exhausting; therefore it is necessary that it is given some time to heal. After a pregnancy termination, a procedure that involves removing embryonic tissues from the uterus, it needs approximately 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal. After a pregnancy cancellation, the tissues in the cervix and uterus are more susceptible to infection for a time period.

Infection after termination

Many women buy Misoprostol and Mifepristone for having a medically done termination. These are generally the safest and most effective combination of abortion pills.

However, both the pills take effect by ripening and softening the cervix. This is done so that the fetal tissues are passed through smoothly.

Therefore, anything inserted into the vagina, while the woman is still healing from the procedure can easily expose her uterus/ cervix to micro-organisms and other bacteria which can cause infection.

This is one of the reasons women are advised to take showers than baths while they are healing. During this time, it is also advised that no penetration (which includes tampons/fingers/sex toys or douche) must be taken place. Of course, that leaves vaginal intercourse out of the question, whereas she is also encouraged to avoid receptive anal and oral sex.

Check-up after an abortion

If the woman has had a termination with Generic RU-486 (mifepristone) and misoprostol pills, she will have to visit the clinic two to four weeks later for an after-checkup. At this appointment, the doctor will use sterile gloves and a speculum (only if a pelvic exam is necessary) to check the women’s healing process.

So if the healthcare provider gives her the okay, she can resume having intercourse and other penetrative activities.

Signs of infection include abdominal pain, fever, chills, and heavy vaginal discharge (some women may experience cramps and bleeding without infection).

A woman can expect her first menstrual cycle within 6 weeks of the termination procedure. If she notices any signs of infection or if she does not get her periods within six weeks, she must seek a healthcare provider for a checkup.

Pregnant after abortion

Just as the uterus/cervix is susceptible to infection after pregnancy termination, it can also get easily pregnant, if the woman had unprotected intercourse or accidental vaginal contact with semen.

Further, intercourse in the time of healing can bring down the healing process and bring about an infection.

It is usually safe to resume intercourse after two to three weeks after aborting or if a healthcare provider says it’s okay after a follow-up examination. If a woman has intercourse before, she needs to make sure to use the birth control option that is best suited for her (preferable condoms with extra birth control), if she doesn’t want to get pregnant again.

Till that period, the woman can still have physical intimacy with her partner if she wants to do so. This intimacy, however, should not involve penetration, in which vaginal fluids/semen or blood is shared between the partners. The physical intimacy which doesn’t require an exchange of fluids is referred to as outercourse, which is allowed within the healing period.

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