Changes in your menstrual cycle after abortion

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Changes-in-menstrual-cycle-after-abortionWhen you buy abortion pills from local stores or an online pharmacy store, you receive a drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The combination works to expel the pregnancy tissues from the body which occurs through vaginal bleeding.

The process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy can take up a week or more to complete while it can take up to 14-15 days to confirm the efficacy of abortion pills. Your body resumes to the regular life. The efficacy of abortion pills is highest if you performed the medical abortion well and as instructed.

The regularity of menstrual periods after a medical abortion depends on the menstrual cycle before undergoing pregnancy termination process. You must understand your body well and see a doctor whenever necessary.

Bleeding during the abortion process and menstrual bleeding:

There remains a huge misconception in women regarding the bleeding during the process and after the process. A woman bleeding immediately after the consumption of Misoprostol is different than the normal menstrual periods.

What do you expect in the after effects?

After taking Misoprostol, as a result of the uterine contractions, you begin bleeding within 24 hours. This is typically heavier than the normal periods. Hence, physicians usually advise using maxi pads to soak blood during the medical abortion process. This bleeding can last up to a week or more depending on the gestation of the pregnancy and the body type.

If you suspect that you’re bleeding more than required, you must immediately consult your doctor for the same. You can mtp kit to mitigate the intensity of heavy bleeding during the process of medical abortion.

When does the first menstrual period occur after a medical abortion?

There’s no specific time for the first period to occur after a medical abortion process. However, most women get their first menstrual period two months after the medical abortion process.

The bleeding pattern:

It is not abnormal to suspect slight shedding or spotting after a medical abortion. Your body is actually ejecting the fetal tissues left any in the body. The bleeding pattern does not change after a medical abortion. It remains the same as it was before ending the pregnancy using abortion pills.

When should you worry?

If you do not get your first period within 2-3 months. Consult your doctor if you suspect any such case. As stated before, the menstruation pattern after a medical abortion does not change and it largely depends on the menstrual cycle before performing the medical abortion to end an unwanted pregnancy.

If you followed the instructions properly and terminated the pregnancy as per the guideline, there will not be any complications in the process and women soon return to their fertile phase where the menstrual cycle is normal ( or it gets back how it was before ending the pregnancy.

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