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Best-pregnancy-test-at-homeGetting pregnant is easy, all you need is a will from your partner and loads of love. What nullifies the process is an unplanned gestation. Worst, the process of knowing whether you are pregnant or not!

The positive result of pregnancy can seldom be undesired. In such cases, you need to think wisely about the situation and make a decision if you want to have an abortion or continue the pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill kit online (or from nearby stores) and administer them to end your pregnancy at the earliest, or, consult an expert on how you can deal with the situation.

The overall pregnancy tests, or whether to approach a test are hideous. Confusions arise as to when should one take a test, if yes, then how!? Home tests are preferred by most, considering they have been largely conducted by self which hides away the probable outcome of visiting a doctor. But when one should take a home pregnancy test is a matter of concern.

Menstrual Cycles:
The most obvious and ancient method to go for a home pregnancy test is to check the onset of recent menstruation. It is quite easy if you have track of your period dates -if not, then knowing whether your period is delayed for normal reasons is questionable. Periods usually get delayed at the onset of pregnancy. Tracking the monthly time will help you know whether it was sexual intercourse or stress-induced hormones. Even light-to-blur bleeding occurs in the early stages of detection. Minutely observing the color and density of the blood, pregnancy tests can be taken.

Discomfort around the Breast:
Usually, it is normal to have fuller breasts just after sexual intercourse. But, if after a week one feels a bit of numbness with more sensitive nipples, it’s time to test for pregnancy. Venues will be much larger and darker in the skin area surrounding the breast due to blood circulation. A sudden cramp can also be triggered if you are pregnant. Still, estrogen and progesterone imbalances happen even after normal sexual intercourse, therefore depending solely on the breasts is not a good idea!

Body cramps:
Although neglected, cramps can actually tell if your sexual intercourse has resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Estrogen and progesterone levels rise profoundly during pregnancy, resulting in severe body cramps followed by skipping the menstrual cycle. If the body does have both problems occurring, it’s time to take the test.

Nausea, tiredness, and throwing up!:
Pregnancy causes a lot of bodily changes as described above. A person who hasn’t been prepared for such would react in a whole different manner when the estrogen shoots up. Reduced appetite along with severe fatigue are the symptoms that your precautions and birth control pills haven’t worked. As such these indicate a 60 percent positive sign that you are pregnant.

Now, since you are curious to know whether or not you have been impregnated, how to take the tests?

Urine Testing:
These are the most preferred techniques for the detection of whether you are pregnant. Collecting urine in a cup or an eyedropper and introducing them to the testing stick will tell you if you are pregnant. Several testing sticks are available in the market whose color changes accordingly if you are expecting a pregnancy. Although there are glitches at times, using a testing stick is the most relied-on home method of detecting pregnancy.

Using Toothpaste:
It is a simple procedure, although cannot be reliable at times. It involves introducing urine samples to a portion of toothpaste in a container. The mixture is stirred well and kept for around 3-4 minutes. If the toothpaste turns shallow and bluish, it indicates a positive indicator that you are pregnant. If it doesn’t have any effect, then you are safe. This technique has been on the books for quite a long time and has been used mostly in rural areas.

HCG Test:
The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is produced by the placenta in females only after a sperm fertilizes an egg. Rest of the time this hormone is totally absent in them. Devices available in the market that focuses on the onset of HCG are highly reliable in detecting whether you are pregnant. HCG largely varies after fertilization. With early counts, HCG concentration is low and gradually increases as the egg develops inside the womb. The device’s uses are relatively costly but can be highly reliable than any other home pregnancy tests.

There are several online pharmacy sites that have blogs related to the early onset of pregnancy. Getting well-equipped with knowledge will help detect early signs without making any further delay. As such Ovral birth control pills have been quite effective in birth control if taken within the said hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. On the contrary, even protected sexual intercourse cannot be 100 percent safe.

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