Coping up with Unplanned pregnancy?

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Coping up with Unplanned pregnancy

When you understand your unwanted pregnancy situation, you’re most likely to get some panic attacks which is an obvious reaction to an uneventful situation. Young women between the age group of 18-25 are more likely to get scared if compared to the rest cases.

Though an unwanted pregnancy invites anxiety and tension, it is important that you bounce back quickly from your traumatic response to the situation. Women need to understand the fact that an unwanted pregnancy is definitely not the end of the world.

This blog aims to help women know ways to cope with an unwanted pregnancy through the following points.

Have you shared it yet?

While most women do not understand what to be done after hearing their pregnancy news, experts typically suggest speaking to their partners or someone they are close to. Decisions taken during anxiety could lead to regrets and severe health concerns.

When you tell your partner or your friend, you may feel better discovering that you’re not alone and someone is with you while all this happens.

Do you have second thoughts?

Many a time, reasons such as the pressure of responsibilities can make woman quickly take the decision of terminating her pregnancy. Before you take any decision for the unwanted pregnancy, you should

Abortion could be a solution:

You find out the solution to the problem, if you feel that abortion can help get out of the unwanted pregnancy situation, you should know ways you can end the pregnancy. If you are firm on your decision, speak to your partner and make him understand why you want to take this decision.

Know the safe method:

Medical abortion using safe abortion pills online such as Mifeprex, Cytolog or MTP kit. The surgical termination of pregnancy is done through dilation or suction method. Both methods are safe to end an unwanted pregnancy. The only difference is that medical abortion works on pregnancies up to 9 weeks of gestation while the surgical abortion is suitable for pregnancies up to 21 weeks of gestation.

Find resources:

If you wish to end the pregnancy through medications, make sure you have referred to the right pharmacy or clinic and underwent the procedure. There are many women healthcare websites which guide women on safe pregnancy termination procedures. is one of them.

Be it any problem for the unplanned pregnancy, financial, relationship issues or career priorities, you should understand the delicacy of the subject, stay calm and take the right decision. You can consult online health experts if you do not have anyone to talk to, but do not take any decision which can lead to fatal results.

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