CoronaVirus Effects in First Trimester

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Corona-Virus-Effects-First-TrimesterThe coronavirus outbreak is affecting an enormous number of people globally. It has not spared anyone, and pregnant women seem to be at a higher risk in such a medically devastated environment.

This blog helps you understand how the coronavirus can impact your health as a pregnant woman.

Though the coronavirus pandemic is new to the world, the disease had been there for quite long. Two decades ago, such SARS had spread in the US and another couple of countries where ten pregnant women had become victims of this virus. Back then, three women had to face the fatal consequences of this viral disease. It was also observed that some of the women had to face premature birth during the issue.

When you get diagnosed with a severe viral disease like corona, the extreme cases witness respiratory failure. If it takes place with you during the pregnancy, healthcare providers suggest C-section of the pregnancy be done.

If the mother who is infected with coronavirus does not take enough precautions, it can spread it to the infant. Since the immunity system of such babies is usually low, there are chances of severe health concerns.

The positive side:

  • Corona virus does not spread through breastmilk
  • The chances of miscarriage are less
  • So far, there’s no evidence that coronavirus cause abnormalities to the newborn
  • So far, there’s no evidence that the disease transmits the baby through any other means

When the pregnancy is in the first-trimester and unplanned:

Women need to understand that if the pregnancy is unwanted, they have to take the decision at the earliest. It is because a surgical abortion can only be performed at clinics. If the clinic has any coronavirus patient, it can be riskier for the woman as she can get infected.

On the other hand, if women choose safe home abortion, they do not have to go out at any clinic and perform the pregnancy termination procedure at home safely. Since safe abortion pills make hormonal changes in the body and carefully remove pregnancy tissues from the vagina, there are no chances of getting infected from an outsider.

What can be done to prevent corona virus during pregnancy:

As said before, since pregnant women are at higher risks during such viral pandemic disease spread, women have to be extra careful with every movement that they do.

First of all, it is advised to stay at home to prevent from getting infected with the coronavirus. Also, after touching possibly every public or shared thing, the pregnant woman must wash her hands properly.

It is advised to stay away from people who have cough, cold or show any symptoms of coronavirus. If such a person stays with you, it is advised that you change the place and isolate yourself. Do not panic in such a situation.

Also, stay in touch with your doctor and have regular updates. Do not visit hospitals which have corona virus patients. There’s nothing more which can be done to prevent the disease. Skip the unnecessary appointments with the doctor or turn them into telephonic ones.

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