Drinking, Smoking, and Pregnancy

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drinking-smoking-pregnancyDrinking and smoking have become a part of like for many women. However, this is a habit that women should strictly prohibit after conceiving a child. This blog explains how drinking and smoking affect your pregnancy and why you should avoid it.

Low birth weight, premature birth, and fetal injury are some of the ways of how having alcohol can affect your pregnancy. Since tobacco contains arsenic, nicotine and several tar elements, needless to say, it harms your body. These elements reach your baby through the placenta.

Nicotine in the cigarettes largely affects the blood flow in your body. As a result, you put limits on the growth of your baby. Hence, it is advised not to smoke during pregnancy, neither when you have an abortion.

When you buy an abortion pill and end the early pregnancy, smoking during the procedure can slower the procedure and create further complications while getting the pregnancy terminated.

Some women believe that if you didn’t inhale while smoking, it will not reach the baby. However, this or even passive smoking creates hurdles in nurturing your baby. Though you don’t inhale to protect your baby, your throat and the mucous membranes in your mouth can absorb tobacco smoke eventually reaching the baby.

Here’re some suggestions by medical experts:

Quit smoking during and soon after your pregnancy.

Avoid being around people who smoke

Alcohol and Pregnancy:

The foods and drinks you have during pregnancy are also consumed by your baby in the womb. These foods and fluids enter the bloodstream of your baby through the placenta. To let your baby grow better, you should have drinks such as milk, water, fruit juice and not alcohol. Following are the ways alcohol consumption during pregnancy can harm your baby:

When you have alcohol, your baby is at high risks of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This can negatively affect your baby’s intellectual, palate, face, fingers, legs, arms, etc. It can also lead to heart defects in the infant. The affecting areas could last life long. ‘

Women try to limit the consumption of alcohol, however, even drinking 1-2 glasses of alcohol can negatively impact your baby’s health. Be it during pregnancy or while ending the pregnancy, the woman should avoid drinking alcohol. There are women who take online abortion pills to end an unwanted pregnancy. They may not be aware of the precautions of medical abortion procedure which includes not drinking alcohol.

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