Early pregnancy termination: what do you do?

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Having the abortion in early days of pregnancy is the safest option comparatively. As the pregnancy develops, it gets more complicated for it to be aborted. Therefore medical pregnancy termination or other early procedures have the highest success rate without any complications.

One of early termination procedures includes medical abortion. This is a type of procedure that involves taking abortion pills within 10 weeks of gestation. For women seeking medical abortion, it is necessary to go through a sonogram to confirm if the pregnancy is viable, and to date the pregnancy.  If you are detected to have ectopic case, ovarian mass, corticosteroid use, anemia, bleeding disorder, IUD, Kidney problems, blood pressure problems or liver/heart disease, you will not be eligible to do through medical termination.

Afterwards, if you decide to go through the process; primarily you will need to buy abortion pill to start the process.  There are many abortion pill regimens that you can choose from, some of them are –

Mifepristone and Misoprostol

These two are also available in one pack called abortion pill pack which also acquired through the net. The schedule for this is as follow –

  • On the first day you will be given Mifepristone. (Most don’t feel any different after taking this pill and go on about their day normally after).
  • After one or two days of mandatory time gap, you are given four tablets of Misoprostol buccally (in the cheek pouch). Before it was given orally and kept under the tongue but the recently the FDA requirement was reformed.
  • After four to six hours, you began to feel stomach cramps and bleed. Some may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness etc. Your doctor may give antibiotics to counter side-effects.
  • After four to seven days you may visit doctor for medical checkup and see if the pregnancy was ended successfully.

How do Mifepristone and Misoprostol take effect?

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill. It takes effect by blocking the essential hormone from forming the uterine lining that attaches to the fetus. As the lining breaks the uterine no longer can nourish the embryo. It also ripens the cervix and makes it wider for passing the conception parts.

Misoprostol causes contraction in the uterine so it makes it easier for the pregnancy parts to pass. After taking Misoprostol, bleeding begins (as it ejects pregnancy tissues that are blood clots from the body).

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