Are You Eligible To Take Abortion Pills?

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The eligibility for undergoing a medical abortion varies depending on the user’s region, body type, age, gestation period, and medical condition. This is indicated with regard to health safety measures and the legalities in various regions. The eligibility for medical abortion is thus set to avoid all possible adverse events during the procedure.

Following are the points that will help you learn the criteria for buying abortion pills.

You’re pregnant:

Many a time, women misinterpret a missed period or early pregnancy-like symptoms as a conception. The condition may be true, but you need to be formally assured that you have conceived. Never self-medicate and ingest abortion pills only because you feel you’re pregnant. Perform a pregnancy test and confirm your pregnancy.

Abortion pills, by some women, are also wrongly used as birth control pills and this can have serious repercussions. Regular consumption of abortion pills lowers the chances of future pregnancies or creates complications in them. It’s always safer to buy Ovral pill online or other contraceptive methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

The gestation period is up to 8 weeks:

Once you detect your unintended pregnancy, take a pregnancy termination decision at the earliest. Undergoing the necessary abortion medication for the same in time is important. This is because the gestation period of your pregnancy has to be 8 weeks or lower to perform a medical abortion. In case the period is more than 8-10 weeks, surgical abortion is the only suitable solution for you.

 Your age is not below 18:

Medical abortion for adolescents is restricted in almost every part of the world. Their bodies and minds are not mature enough to be able to handle a pregnancy. Getting pregnant or ending a pregnancy in a developing body can lead to several health risks and complications. Indulging in sexual intercourse or taking up a medical abortion if you are below the age of 18 is thus strictly advised against.

You’re giving consent for medical abortion:

Medical abortion cannot be forced on women. The pregnant woman must use self-discretion upon understanding the possible after-effects.

Your country/state law permits medical abortions:

The laws concerning medical abortions are different in every country. Before you buy an abortion pill, you must be informed about the rules and regulations of the country where you’re residing/staying while purchasing the abortion medication.

 You have obtained the required prescription:

It is illegal and risky to take abortion pills over the counter. You need to be guided by medical experts or physicians. If you’re planning to buy abortion pills online, make sure you submit an e-copy of the prescription before ordering the pills.

The user is not on other medications 

The eligibility for medical abortion differs if you’re administering medications to treat the health issues that you may have. Since a considerable number of these are known to interfere with the functioning of abortion pills and reduce the chances of successful medical abortion, it is advised that you inform your medical professional about your medical condition and abortion pill dosage. They may suggest possible solutions for taking abortion pills and countering the concurrent health issues.

The noninvasive pregnancy termination method is also not suitable for women whose pregnancy is ectopic. All the aforementioned limitations are established to ensure the safety of abortion pill users. If taken care of the above criteria is, women can successfully terminate an unintended pregnancy through abortion medicines.

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