Fear of unplanned pregnancy

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Fear of unplanned pregnancy

Delivering a baby and starting a family is not as easy as it seems. The life of women changes as they get pregnant and begin family life. Fear of an unplanned pregnancy either brings phobia about sexual intercourse or creates pressure during sexual intercourse.

Some women who get into unwanted pregnancy situation get depressed not understanding how to deal with such situations. This blog is for such women who fear an unplanned pregnancy.

How can you avoid an unwanted pregnancy?

To avoid unwanted pregnancy, there are plenty of pregnancy prevention methods which can be used. Contraception methods such as birth control pills, condom, IUD, etc. can keep you away from an uneventful pregnancy.

Especially, if you wish to stay away from STDs, using a condom is the best contraceptive method to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Can you still get pregnant despite using contraception?

Yes, the contraception methods are effective indeed when preventing an unwanted pregnancy. However, their efficacy is around 97% and hence the chances of getting pregnant despite the use of contraception are low but are there.

If the condom gets torn during sexual intercourse, birth control pills become ineffective or there’s a gap in the dosage, such cases can become responsible for getting you pregnant though you had used protection during sexual activities.

Emergency contraceptive is a pill that can help you if you have had such an event where you know the condom was torn or it was unprotected sexual intercourse. You only have to take the pill within 72 hours after sexual penetration takes place. This way, you can prevent the sperm from entering the cervix, thereby preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

How can you deal with an unplanned pregnancy?

An unplanned pregnancy is not the end of everything. It is natural to fear such a situation, however, you should know the ways to come out of it. Depending on the gestation of your pregnancy, you can end your pregnancy either medically or surgically.

An early pregnancy which is less than 9 weeks of gestation be ended using online abortion pills or medications taken from local pharma stores. The procedure is a bit painful, however, it lets you abort the pregnancy at a low cost and with your privacy maintained.

For pregnancy between 9-21 weeks, you should speak to your healthcare provider for s surgical abortion.

Some women also fear unwanted pregnancy as they believe terminating it women reproductive healthcare. Ending an unwanted pregnancy through medications cannot hurt your reproductive healthcare.

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