Frequently Asked Questions: Birth Control

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Sometimes people are too busy, too embarrassed or just don’t know the answers of many questions regarding birth control pills.

Does Birth control make you fat?

The studies over and over again about this have shown the same thing, specifically which the pill does not make you fat. A woman who buy ovral G birth control for the first time to start it, undergo many bodily changes. A birth control pill can be used without an expected weight gain. Thus, you can go ahead, purchase those new skinny-leg jeans, and begin your birth control the same day.

How long does it take for birth control pills to work?

Effectiveness of the pill depends on which day of your period you began taking it. If you began it on first day of bleeding then it is effectual right away. If you began on 5th day then it is effective in 14 days time- any other starting point is not safe until you start begin two of the pill.

How long until birth control pill is effective?

When you take the pill daily, it’s great at preventing pregnancy. However, missing tablets, taking certain drugs, and other things may make it not work too.

Can anyone use the birth control pill?

Not everyone can use the combined tablet, so your healthcare provider or doctor will need to ask you about your own and your family’s medical history. Do reveal any operations or illness you have had. Few of the conditions that may mean you should not use the combined pill are:

  • You think you might already be pregnant
  • You are very overweight
  • You take certain medicines
  • You have severe migraines

Does birth control help with acne?

You can order Birth control ovral L online or elsewhere, as it can help you treat when you are dealing with acne. Some birth control pills can help diminish the secretion of oil from your glands, due to the synthetic hormones present in the pills. In fact, it can actually lessen breakouts. The ingredients in birth control pills can differ, so you should ensure that your medicine contains the appropriate amalgamation of hormones.

Do you ovulate on birth control pills?

No, birth control pills are designed to avert ovulation. But if you do ovulate while on the pill on the off chance, it works with two other back up methods to prevent pregnancy. That’s why the drug is so good at averting pregnancy, in actual fact; it’s more than 99% effective when used perfectly.

Isn’t it going to be difficult to remember to take the pill regularly?

Try to adopt a routine with your pill-taking to make it easier for yourself to remember. You may prefer to try a daily pill, if you are forgetful. This type of drug is taken on each day of the month, rather than having the seven day break, hence it’s easier to develop a set routine.

Will your periods be affected?

The birth control usually makes your periods shorter, regular, lighter, and less painful.

How should you protect yourself from STIs?

The drug does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), thus, unless you are sure of your partner’s sexual health, it’s advisable to use a condom in addition to having the pill.

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