Having Intercourse After Abortion

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An abortion includes end a pregnancy by removing the conception tissues from the uterus. This process is undoubtedly exhausting for the body and takes at least 2 to 3 weeks for recovery.

Even if the termination of pregnancy was by abortion pills, surgery or even miscarriage, the tissues of the cervix and the womb may be more prone to infection for a short period of time after the procedure.

What happens during a medical abortion?

If the woman decides to buy abortion pill kit to abort, she is eventually going to take Mifepristone and Misoprostol for terminating pregnancy.

The Mifepristone other than being an anti-progesterone agent also works to soften and widen the cervix. This makes it easier for the conception tissues to flow through vaginal discharge.

As the cervix widens it stays like that for some time after abortion completion. Therefore, the time just after the procedure is when the person is more susceptible of getting pregnant or even infected.

Why you mustn’t have intercourse in the recovery time after pregnancy termination?

Anything inserted into the woman’s vagina while it’s still healing can expose her uterus to any bacteria or other micro-organisms which can cause infection. More on that, women are often instructed to take showers rather than baths while healing.

During this time of recover, no penetration of any kind, be it tampons/sex toys/douche/ fingers or any other kind is advised. Doctors also discourage women from having vaginal intercourse, as well as oral or receptive anal intercourse.

Follow up after the procedure

It is advised that women should visit a doctor for a follow-up visit after two to four weeks of the abortive procedure. At this appointment the healthcare provider will use sterilized gloves and a speculum [ in cases where pelvic examination is necessary] to check the healing process.

After the women’s doctor has given her the okay, she can resume any sexual or penetrative activities.

Signs of infection include chills, fever, abdominal pain, heavy vaginal discharge, fever chills etc. Though some women may have vaginal bleeding and cramps without infection.

A woman can expect her first regular periods within six weeks of pregnancy termination. If she notices infection symptoms or if she does not have periods in the 6 weeks after her termination, it is advised that she see a doctor.

So what can women do if she is craving physical intimacy?

As pregnancy termination is as emotionally draining as physical, it is not uncommon for women to want some intimacy with their partners after the ordeal is over.

Therefore, in such period, she can have ‘outercourse’ – i.e., pleasure her partner [ without penetration] and also have an orgasm while she is healing from aborting. If the orgasm produces and uncomfortable feeling or cramping sensation, she may decide to postpone it until after the follow-up.

Of course, she may also find intimacy with the partner without any sexual activity.

If the woman wants to avoid conception, she should also consider what type of birth control will suit her the best. There is also the option of using condoms (un-lubed condoms/ dams for oral intercourse) in order to reduce the risk of infection while she is recovering.

Nevertheless, doctors strongly recommend women have physical intimacy and to avoid intercourse till the healing process is done.

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