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healthcare for medical abortion

Medical abortion is undoubtedly an easy procedure to terminate an early pregnancy at home. However, it has to be performed with safety measure being taken. When a pregnancy termination medication is administered with care the efficiency of abortion pills rises with successful abortion results.

Why does a woman require safety measures before, during and after the abortion procedure?

Abortion is a sensitive decision for a woman. Her body experiences many changes during the whole procedure which are delicate and need to be handled with care.

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Women need to buy abortion pill from a genuine healthcare provider. Additionally, the pills have to be FDA approved to ensure its effectiveness and safety. All these healthcare measures and precautions confirm safety, security, privacy and most importantly effectiveness of the medications used. 

Following ways, a woman can take healthcare measures to ensure smooth medical abortion process and successful results.

Care before medical abortion procedure:

Confirm your pregnancy and its gestation period.

  • Assess your medical history. Make sure that your case does not include in following cases:
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Bleeding disorders
    • Anemia
    • Asthma
    • Other heart diseases
  • Talk to your partner or people you’re comfortable with. Discuss with them why you wish to perform an abortion during pregnancy. Share your feelings.
  • Study how your medication will work. Explain your partner/closed ones how it will work Take their help for assistance you may need during the procedure.
  • Get maxi pads and other medicines to counter side effects of abortion.
  • Have access to a phone or anything that can be reached easily.
  • Be prepared for cramping and heavy bleeding.

Safety measures during the abortion procedure.

  • Drink hydrating liquid.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke during the entire process.
  • Eat light and easily digestible.
  • Take rest. Your body goes through a lot of hormonal activities during an abortion. It requires time to heal and come out of abortion. If at all you wish to work, you can work from home.

Safety measures after the abortion procedure:

  • Do not have intercourse for at least two weeks.
  • Plan your pregnancy. Buy birth control pills or other contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Visit doctor after two weeks to confirm your successful pregnancy termination.
  • Do not lift up heavy things or get into difficult physical activities such as exercise.
  • Speak to your loved ones. Share your feelings.
  • Do thing which you like more. Watch your favorite movies, read books, listen to good music.

Symptoms of successful medical abortion:

  • Heavy bleeding from 4-10 days. Some women bleed for a week or more.
  • Cramping. Since secondary pills cause uterus evacuation, it results in cramping and abdomen pain.
  • Nausea.
  • After two weeks, you can confirm your abortion via pregnancy test. You could visit a medical center to perform ultrasound test.;

Call your doctor immediately if you experience an extreme case of side effects such as High fever, abnormal heavy bleeding, chest pain etc. 98% of the women who underwent a medical abortion and ensures aforementioned healthcare measures experienced successful pregnancy termination. These healthcare measures also help in the speedy recovery of an abortion. With the easy availability of the internet, nowadays, women can buy abortion pills online, get a consultation with medical experts.

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