How Are Menstrual Cycles Post Abortion Like? When to Worry?

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It is normal to worry about when you will have your next menstrual cycles post abortion. The healing time is very individual and depends upon your body and how you take care of yourself during this time. It is also up to how far along you were when you had the process completed. It could be weeks, or up to a couple of months.

The vital thing is to understand the difference between after abortion bleeding and your first menstrual cycle returning after having an abortion. Keep in mind that ovulation normally takes place somewhere around 14 days prior to your menstrual period and if you had a pregnancy termination, it will be difficult to gauge when this will occur. You can get pregnancy again in the weeks after an abortion if you have unprotected intercourse.

Getting first menstrual period after abortion:

      1. Bleeding after abortion

After you buy abortion pills to have a pregnancy termination, you may have bleeding anywhere from 2 weeks and up to 6 weeks. Revival bleeding is normally heavy the first few days and will diminish. If you were farther along, you may undergo menstruation like bleeding for two weeks. Then it will start to taper off around the third week.

Sometime following the bleeding starts to begin off, your body will start preparing for you first period. This may take place weeks after you have ceased your recovery bleeding as the pregnancy hormones must go away first.

      2. First menstruation cycle after pregnancy termination

Majority of time, females experience their first normal period within 4-8 weeks after abortion. You must let your physician understand, if you feel you are still having recovery bleeding after eight weeks and/or your normal period has not came back. This is particularly important if you are still having symptoms of pregnancy. Moreover, it is very vital to follow your doctor’s after care recommendation about sexual activity. It is regularly recommended advised to wait up to 6 weeks after an abortion to restart sexual activity.  Keep in mind to use a method of contraceptive or protection if you don’t wish to become pregnant.

How is period after abortion like?

Your first menstrual cycle following a medication pregnancy termination with MTP Kit may be very heavy. Women may notice blood clots and have worse cramps than prior to the pregnancy. This only lasts a few menstrual cycles and is the natural way of body of ejecting all of the tissues and pregnancy parts.

Know that your body is unready to deal with one more pregnancy until you have recovered entirely. It is recommended to wait a few months prior trying to become pregnant or putting you at risk for a new pregnancy.

Tips for self care following an abortion:

Take care of your body after a pregnancy termination. The following tips can help your body heal faster and help you get your first menstruation post abortion in a timely manner.

  • Have emotional support to help you with your feelings
  • Rest for as long as the doctor advices
  • See your doctor- for follow-up care
  • Use protection when having intercourse
  • Avoid heavy lifting
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